Hanging Out with Veronica Roth on the Insurgent Movie Set

Epic Reads Exclusives, Videos

What’s better than trying on Four’s jacket? Nothing. Although, a close second would be getting a tour of the Insurgent movie set from Veronica Roth! We flew down to Atlanta for a weekend and got a tour of Evelyn’s house … Read More

Video: What Makes You Panic?


  Watch the short video and tell us what makes you PANIC!       About PANIC by Lauren Oliver Panic began as so many things do in Carp, a dead-end town of twelve thousand people in the middle of … Read More

Tea Time #54 Recap: YA Retellings


This week on Tea Time we discussed the YA Retellings chart, the Divergent movie premiere, Story Crush tour, visual guides and more! Get your full recap and winners list below! (PS: The Divergent freak out starts at 28:45. Click here … Read More

Tea Time Recap: YA Starter Kits


This week on Tea Time with Team Epic Reads, we’re discussing our YA STARTER KITS, YA movie news (looking at you The Book Thief) and more! Watch the recorded version below (full version with comments can be found here) and … Read More

Tea Time: Adult / YA Crossover

Epic Reads Exclusives

During this week’s Tea Time with Team Epic Reads, we’re discussing those books that fit the “crossover” audience: adult books that are good for YA readers, and YA books that are great for adults.   Books Mentioned (The song played … Read More

Summer #ARCparty Recap!


The famous Epic Reads #ARCparty happened today! We opened 7 mystery boxes filled with upcoming, fall and winter HarperTeen titles and geeked out over them along with 1,000 viewers! If you missed the party, better late than never! Watch the … Read More

Important Announcement About #TeaTime

Epic Reads Exclusives

Summer is here and like your favorite TV shows, our weekly live-streaming book talk program known as Tea Time with Team Epic Reads will be going into a sort of “summer schedule.” No, we’re not going away, just switching to … Read More

Tea Time with Team Epic Reads: Live from Lauren Oliver’s Apartment

Epic Reads Exclusives

It was a special Tea Time with Team Epic Reads this week! We were lucky enough to be invited into the home of the one, and only, LAUREN OLIVER! [Insert extreme book shimmy here.]   During this visit, we learned … Read More

HarperCollins does the “Harlem Shake”

Book Nerds Unite, Fun Stuff

This is what happens when Epic Reads is asked to lead meetings at the HarperCollins offices in New York City. Don’t know what this meme is? Get the scoop on BuzzFeed.     Bonus hedgehog version!!!!   Have you made … Read More

Tea Time Recap: YA Jeopardy

Epic Reads Exclusives, Fun Stuff

On this week’s episode of Tea Time with Team Epic Reads, we did something new. . . we played YA Jeopardy! Live viewers followed along and answered questions using the hashtag #YAJeopardy and 16 people won books! Watch the recorded … Read More


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