10 YA Books About Siblings That’ll Make You Want to Hug Yours


Sibling relationships can be . . . complicated. Sometimes you love them, sometimes you can only put up with them for twenty minutes before having to leave the room. But, at the end of the day, you’ll always be there … Read More

The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue Is Getting a Swoonworthy Epilogue!

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We know we can’t be the only ones—so raise your hand if you’re still dazzled just thinking about our fave Monty’s roguish charm! Mackenzi Lee gave us one of the most swoony, hysterical, and ravishing will-they-won’t-they ships of all time … Read More

Summer Blockbuster Book Recommendations from Mackenzi Lee!


When we think of summer, we think of books that pack flirty fun and fierce adventures between their covers, but we also think of the summer blockbusters we’re going to go see between reads! Mackenzi Lee, author of THE GENTLEMAN’S GUIDE … Read More

20 LGBTQIA Books We Wish Would Get TV or Movie Adaptations

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It’s true that there has been a wealth of better representation in the YA market lately, but with the success and love for LOVE, SIMON, we’re ready to see more of those storylines making their way off of the shelves and onto screens. … Read More

Let’s Get Lost! 20 YA Books for Readers with Serious Wanderlust


Have a case of wanderlust? Maybe you’re feeling a little restless and are ready for a new epic adventure. Maybe you have a mission to see everything the world has to offer and you’re determined to cross everything off your list! … Read More

12 Quotes for Pride Month From Young Adult Books

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Young adult books are some of the best out there (or possibly the best, but hey, we might be a little biased) when it comes to representing identities and encouraging readers to be proud of who they are. We know there’s … Read More

Let’s Get Lost! Wander into a Maze and We’ll Tell You What to Read Next

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The sun is shining, the temperature is rising, and wow, can you believe summer is right around the corner?! WE ARE STOKED! Cause summertime means vacation time which means more time to explore and to travel to new places. We … Read More

These Epic YA Good Morning Tweets Will Start Your Day in the Best Way

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Good morning to everyone, but especially the awesome book nerds reading this post. If you don’t follow us on Twitter (PS, you totally should)—or, if you do, but don’t check the TL until late in the day—you might have missed … Read More

31 Beach Reads You Should Kick Back With On Your Spring Break


Spring break is coming!!! And okay, so maybe you’re not exactly hitting the beach. Life isn’t always the way cliché TV shows and books make it seem! But these books are so cute, romantic, adventurous, and addictive, they can take you anywhere. … Read More

21 YA Audiobooks That You Won’t Want to Stop Listening to


Whoever said that listening to audiobooks doesn’t count as real reading has clearly never fallen in love with an audiobook before. And luckily in the last couple of years, YA has seen a real boom in audio!! They’re perfect for … Read More


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