Our Top 5 Reasons You Need to See The Hate U Give Movie

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… And trust us, there are way more than five. BUT THIS IS IT, YALL! THIS IS THE WEEK! As we’re writing this, in just a few days, THE HATE U GIVE will open in theaters everywhere, nationwide, total rollout. THE HATE U GIVE was … Read More

7 Books Like The Hate U Give to Read After Watching the Movie

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So, THE HATE U GIVE has officially hit screens and we cannot even keep up with the buzz! This movie is so emotional, so stunningly made, and such a breathtaking adaptation of Angie Thomas’s novel that it legitimately left us breathless. For … Read More

10 Young Adult Books Guaranteed to Give You All the Feels


Let’s be honest: Sometimes you just want a book that’s going to put you through the entire range of human emotions. The kind of read that has you laughing one minute and bawling your eyes out the next, or restores … Read More

Angie Thomas Gives Us an Inside Look at Being on the Set of The Hate U Give

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Real talk? This movie needs to HURRY UP ALREADY! Like, seriously, for every new teaser that’s revealed, and every picture of cast on set that pops up on our timelines, we shed a THUG tear, eagerly anticipating and wishing we could  be a part of … Read More

Find Your Voice and Make Some Noise With These ‘The Hate U Give’ Bookmojis!

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We hope you’ve been enjoying all the epic bookmojis we’re been rolling out lately! We’ve texted with the dawn, struck our fiercest pose, and today we have some major news concering our next update! That’s right: THE HATE U GIVE Bookmojis … Read More

Everything You Need to Know About The Hate U Give Movie

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If you haven’t been keeping up with Twitter, movie news, or YA updates, you might not know that production on THE HATE U GIVE‘s movie recently wrapped. And can we just take a minute to say how incredibly excited we are for … Read More

10 YA Books About Siblings That’ll Make You Want to Hug Yours


Sibling relationships can be . . . complicated. Sometimes you love them, sometimes you can only put up with them for twenty minutes before having to leave the room. But, at the end of the day, you’ll always be there … Read More

7 Book Quotes About Fighting That Will Encourage You to Resist

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The world might be crazy, but we have books—ones that give us hope, calm our minds, and help us fight back. And really, isn’t YA all about revolution? These fighting quotes from The Hate U Give, Frostblood, Moxie, Mockingjay, All American Boys, … Read More

Epic Adaptations: The Darkest Minds, The Hate U Give, & More!

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Trailers, updates, and options, oh my!! There have been a bunch of updates for YA movie and TV adaptation news lately, and thankfully we have Jesse from Jessethereader to run it all down for us! We are looking forward to everything coming, … Read More

8 Inspirational Quotes to Keep In Mind When Things Get Tough

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Books provide more than escapism—one of the things we love about the current trend of young adult books is that they’re not afraid to confront some of the hard things we’re facing in the world, and they do a great … Read More

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