How To Throw a Carve The Mark Reading Party

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  Okay so good news, Carve The Mark is finally here. If you’re anything like us you have been anticipating the release of Carve The Mark for like…..ever. You’ve countdown down with us, taken every Carve the Mark quiz possible, … Read More

Carve The Mark as Told Through Divergent GIFS

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Only one day left until the release of Carve the Mark! To celebrate Carve the Mark Eve, we present to you today a mash-up of all things Veronica Roth, as we explain the plot of Carve the Mark through some of our favorite Divergent gifs. … Read More

Read This Exclusive Carve The Mark Excerpt

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somebody pinch me because we are TWO days away from the release of Carve the Mark! WE CANNOT WAIT! After all these months and weeks of waiting and speculating, we’re only a few dozen hours away from being able to … Read More

Get An Inside Look At Veronica Roth’s Writing Space

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Only three days to go until the release of the Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth! Soon enough, we will be graced with this brand new book to devour and hold close to our hearts and place proudly on our shelves … Read More

Watch This Carve The Mark Makeup Time Lapse Video

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Remember that Carve the Mark Costume Design Challenge we told you about? And those creative and talented designers we introduced you to? And those beautiful sketches we revealed? Well, today we have some footage straight from the set of the … Read More

Quiz: Which Planet Are You Actually From?

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Are you an astronaut? Because you are out of this world! 😎 In honor of Veronica Roth’s new intergalactic duology, Carve the Mark, we’ve decided to bring you the most helpful space quiz of all time. Seriously. You and your … Read More

Introducing Cyra Noavek, Carve The Mark’s Bad-Ass Leading Lady

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With less than one week to go in our #CarveTheMarkCountdown, we thought it was time to dedicate some attention to our favorite queen of the Current – none other than Cyra Noavek herself! In Carve The Mark, Cyra is the … Read More

Meet The Cast Of The Carve The Mark Audio Book

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So, yeah, have we mentioned that there’s a #FLAWLESS dually narrated AUDIO edition of CARVE THE MARK also on sale January 17th?! Today we are giving you a sneak peek into the making of the Carve The Mark audio book … Read More

The Carve the Mark Map is Absolutely Stunning

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TGIF, sure, but mostly TGI-the-next-day-in-our-official-amazing-seventeen-day-countdown-to-the-book-that’s-going-to-blow-your-minds-and-steal-your-hearts. We hope you’re ready for the Carve the Mark map reveal, because we sure are! Today we’re going to give you a closer glimpse at Akos and Cyra’s planet *and* reveal the book’s official map of … Read More

Most WTF Quotes In YA

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Okay. It’s time to talk about how YA is making our jaws drop on the daily. I mean some of this stuff is legit next level WTF stuff! Today we bring you 5 of the most WTF quotes in YA. … Read More

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