Tea Time with Team Epic Reads: Live from Lauren Oliver’s Apartment

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It was a special Tea Time with Team Epic Reads this week! We were lucky enough to be invited into the home of the one, and only, LAUREN OLIVER! [Insert extreme book shimmy here.]


During this visit, we learned a lot of awesome things about Lauren, her upcoming projects and of course, the Delirium TV show! Watch the recorded video below and keep scrolling for a list of some of the highlights:

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Recipe #1

- Crostini
- Ricotta cheese
- Honey
- Cracked pepper

Spread the ricotta on the crostini, drizzle honey and add fresh cracked pepper to taste! The end.


Recipe #2

- Endive
- Roasted red peppers
- Goat cheese

Blend equal parts cheese and pepper in a food processor – add a little water or oil to thin it out. Once it’s blended well, dip in your endive leaves!


Recipe #3

- Pre-sliced coppa beef
- Jarred sweet hot peppers
- Honey
- Cracked pepper

Wrap a pepper in a slice of the coppa beef, drizzle honey and add pepper to taste. EAT AND ENJOY.


Things we learned from our time with Lauren:

1. Lauren has NOT been asked to help write the Delirium TV show script, but she has been asked to read and give her opinion on it.

2. Gregg Sulkin has been cast as Julian Fineman in the pilot!

3. She is excited for the show because it will expand the world she has created even further.

4. Three books Lauren would take on a deserted island: a blank notebook (because she has to write), Harry Potter (because it would comfort her) and finally Remembrance of Things Past by Marcel Proust (because it’s so long).

5. Lauren’s current YA crush is Mateo from Spellcaster by Claudia Gray.

6. Lauren would pick Katniss or Hermione to be her zombie apocalypse sidekick.

7. Lauren wore a long, v-neck, black sequin dress to her high school prom! (We’re still waiting to see the evidence, Lauren.)

8. Lauren is finishing up editing her next project: a teen standalone called PANIC – coming out in 2014! She also has an adult book coming out next year called ROOMS.

9. Lauren would rather be in Sam’s situation in Before I Fall than Lena’s in Delirium.

10. Lauren pulls details from real people she knows and infuses them into her characters.

11. Lauren was in an a capella group called Quaker Notes in high school. (She insists they were actually really cool. We’re inclined to believe her.)

12. If Lauren wasn’t a writer, she would totally be in the food world. (Maybe a literary-themed restaurant!)

13. Follow Lauren on Tumblr for the latest Delirium TV show updates!

14. Lauren’s favorite current TV show is Parks & Recreation!

15. Lauren has two adorable, slightly overweight, kitties!

16. In an unrealistic world, Lauren would be a back-up dancer for Beyonce.

17. Lauren is really excited to see realistic teen fiction getting some love.

18. The short story, Alex, was written FOR THE FANS and it will only appear in the first printing of the hardcover! (So pre-order that goodness now!)


Requiem comes out March 5th! You can see Lauren on the Pitch Dark Days tour this winter!  Tune in Wednesdays at 3:45pm EST for more Tea Time with Team Epic Reads!

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