Ten real-life secrets in Don’t Breathe A Word

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10 real-life secrets in DON'T BREATHE A WORD by Holly CupalaA note from EpicGirl: This is a guest post written by Holly Cupala, author of Don’t Breathe A Word – our Epic Reads book club pick!

1. Don’t Breathe a Word started out as an idea for a girl who fakes being homeless (she was going to be maybe a cheerleader by day, and spend time on the streets after school). It was sort of a ridiculous idea, but when a friend of mine who was a youth pastor was looking for donations (socks, toiletries, etc.) to take to homeless teens in Seattle, I suddenly had a picture of a girl who runs away for real.
2. Unlike Joy, I don’t have life-threatening asthma—but I talked to a lot of people who do to understand what her life would be like. Any errors are mine alone!
3. I actually went to the “For the Birds” zoo fundraiser party (and I do think flamingos are kind of mucky)—it was sort of a surprise when that party landed in my book.
4. While I was writing DBAW, a friend of mine told me about someone she knew who had gone for a year without buying any new clothes. “Maybe you should do that for your research,” she said. (Me??)  But…I decided to try it. I wasn’t really a sock girl before, but I was amazed how important they became once they’d all suddenly sprung holes. My experience could never compare to that of my characters, but it gave me a new appreciation for them and their conditions.
5. I did see the Black Eyed Peas guy at a movie premiere, and he really did have a safety pin man-purse!
6. There are real-life crow researchers at the University of Washington who are dive-bombed, exactly as Asher says. They wrote a book, In the Company of Crows and Ravens, and I have a signed copy.
7. In my head, May’s voice sounds exactly like this electrician girl who rewired much of our attic. She was sassy and funny and rode in motorcycle races—no wonder she ended up a character!
8. I really hate having my blood drawn. The story Creed tells about the horse and the ocean was actually told to me by a doctor who was trying to keep me from freaking out. It worked—I was spellbound by the story and asked if I could steal it.
9. There is one character who was supposed to die, but then I couldn’t do it. So someone else died instead.
10. Where did Asher come from? Once upon a time I had a real Asher in my life, and I wrote about my experience in Dear Bully: 70 Authors Tell Their Stories.

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  1. August 27, 2012 | 12:43 pm

    I honestly cant see myself going a year without buying clothes. Reading this makes me see how much I take for granted but unfortunately I still do it =/

    I’m so happy that she didnt kill off the character she was going too, I kinda have a feeling who it was (although I might be wayyy off) but Im so happy he lived!!!

    Number 10 is scary. I know things like this happen and I read about it, but when it happens to people I know or because REAL in the sense of the word, it scares me a LOT

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