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This Infographic Will Help You Decide How to Read Replica

Lauren Oliver’s new novel REPLICA is finally here! And the design of this book is seriously just eye candy. REPLICA is two books in one so basically you read one story and then flip the book upside down to read the other! No joke you need to go to your local bookstore and check it out because we’re too busy fawning over the book to explain it properly. (You can also start reading it right here!)

Ways You Can Read Replica

Option #1: Read Lyra first

Option #2: Read Gemma first

Option 3: Alternate chapters from each story!

Now, with three different ways to #readREPLICA, how do you decide where to start? We got your back. Check out this gorgeous flow chart to help you with your decision! (Click on the image below to view it at a larger size!


Now that you have that all figured out, find our more about this book with our handy Epic Reads Explains video!


So will you start with Lyra, Gemma, or alternate chapters? Let us know by using #readREPLICA on social or tell us in the comments below!