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How to Deal with Your Three Dark Crowns Book Hangover

So the ending of Three Dark Crowns has given us a book hangover so big that it hurts. We’re sweating, our heads are pounding, and honestly we just don’t know if we’ll be able to get out of bed until book 2. This is a sunglasses + Advil level hangover.

We have SO many questions and since we’ve been left to ponder them all on our own until ONE DARK THRONE comes out this fall, we’ve been forced to find ways to calm our minds and deal with the mess of emotions that Queen Kendare Blake has left us with. Based on some of the reactions we’ve seen floating around the interwebs, it seems like you might relate. We hope the following list will help you overcome your Three Dark Crowns book hangover. It has certainly helped us. Sharing is caring people.



~*Mild spoilers below*~



You find yourself waking up to the sound of your own voice screaming “WHY PIETYR, WHYYYY!?!”

THE FIX: Calm yourself by remembering this type of betrayal will certainly never occur in your real life. Probably. Make a commitment to avoid large crevasses in the earth, just in case though. And never EVER meet in secret in the dark of night!



You see candy and you immediately think OMG ARSINOE!!!

THE FIX: EAT THE CANDY! In real life it’s highly unlikely that any delicious sweet will cause you to question your entire life. We’d even say you should maybe invest in more candy. We’ve got a while to go.



You can’t focus on real life because you’re haunted by Katharine’s sinister AF final words from book one

THE FIX: Yeah, us too. Lessen the effect by using her line like a fun game of mad libs. Here’s an example:

“I want to smell the pages of Three Dark Crowns forever. And then I want my Donuts”.

Not so bad right? Katharine will calm down by book two…we hope…sorta…



You’re bursting with your own theories for what lies ahead in One Dark Throne – literally unable to focus until you can get all of that theorizing off your chest

THE FIX: If you’re feeling the ‘waiting for the second book’ blues, the best thing to do is to find a like-minded soul upon whom you can unleash all of your crazy book two theories. Find a friend – have said friend read TDC – comfort friend through the initial stages of book hangover when they finish (see steps 1-3), and then let the crazy theorizing commence.



You’re just like, thinking about One Dark Throne’s release CONSTANTLY

THE FIX:  Once you and your TDC anxiety buddy have properly vetted each other’s theories for what lies in store for book two, take these to the world wide web, and share your anxiety-induced theories with the WORLD! Commiserate with all the other poor souls desperate to know what happens next, and mercilessly dissect all ODT theories you encounter. Personally we recommend the One Dark Throne Goodreads page and the Three Dark Crowns Series Facebook page, for your viewing pleasure.


By now, hopefully you are feeling all warm and fuzzy and ready to stop obsessing over what’s going to happen next on Fennbirn Island. Now you can focus on living your real life until September right?!?

LOL NOPE, never gonna happen!!!!

Keep checking the Three Dark Crowns Series Facebook page for more updates in the meantime and take plenty of deep breaths as you wait for One Dark Throne – on sale September 19th, 2017.

What other Three Dark Crowns Book Hangover symptoms are you having? Tell us in the comments below! 

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