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These Three Dark Crowns Bookmojis Are as Fierce as the Queens Themselves

Are you ready to communicate as royally as the Fennbirn triplets? We’re ready to help you make that dream come true—because, in honor of TWO DARK REIGNS hitting shelves SOONER THAN WE CAN BELIEVE, our THREE DARK CROWNS themed Bookmojis are finally here! We cannot stop using them. The levels of sass, the pure ferocity behind each saying, and the sheer drama of them all are everything to us! In fact, we might just start signing off emails with Camden’s paw swipe.

Want to see some of these new Bookmojis in action? We may have hacked into the group chat of some of our fave authors for you…


All the Fierce New Three Dark Crowns Bookmojis 🔥


“A queen can do great things…”

1. A mentality that embodies the true strength of Fennbirn’s queen no matter the circumstances
2. What book nerds will tell themselves when they are nearing the end of a book and know that finishing will lead to heartbreak


“I want revenge…”

1. The iconic declaration made by Queen Katharine upon her return to Greavesdrake Manor after the events of book one
2. The attitude one must enthusiastically adopt after their friends go to the bookstore without them



1. A coral snake belonging to Queen Katharine, often found around her gloved wrist
2. Proof that small size does not preclude ferocity
3. The only way to truly convey how we will respond if someone spoils a book’s ending for us



1. The playful and fierce mountain cat familiar of Jules Milone
2. An emblem for how strong Jules’s naturalist gift is; the greatest familiar in a generation
3. Possibly the sassiest character in the entire THREE DARK CROWNS series


“Every gift…”

1. A piece of wisdom offered to Queen Mirabella, spoken in reference to the potential all people have for both great good and great evil
2. What we must remind ourselves when a book that brings us great joy also causes us great pain


Team Katharine

1. A declarative badge for any who support Queen Katharine’s bid for the throne
2. A sign that someone enjoys antagonistic fun, quests for vengeance, and previously victimized girls with newfound gifts for poison and throwing knives


Team Arsinoe

1. A declarative badge for any who support Queen Arsinoe’s bid for the throne
2. A sign that someone supports underdogs, loves pets, understands the importance of family, and would see the patriarchy crumble


Team Mirabella

1. A declarative badge for any who support Queen Mirabella’s bid for the throne
2. A sign that someone believes the most capable candidate is often deserving, insists on protecting those less powerful, and loves the sky before a storm


Dark throne, dark reigns

1. Icons representing the strength of the ruling Fennbirn Queen—and those who have come before
2. The rewards that book nerds deserve after successfully binging a book series in time for the next installment’s release


“Two to devour…”

1. The hook of a mainland children’s rhyme that teases the plight of the triplet queens
2. A saying that has taken up residence in our mind like the spirit of a fallen queen refusing to leave us be


Don’t forget to download them now! Find them here and be sure to send us your best use so that we can start featuring them, too!

Let us know in the comments what other themed packs you’d like to see!

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