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If you thought the cliffhanger at the end of THREE DARK CROWNS was tough, imagine how the three sisters must have felt. Luckily for us (but maybe not for one or two of them…?), ONE DARK THRONE is FINALLY HERE and we can bask in the dark, twisted glory of Fennbirn Island. Before you dive into it though, we caught up with Katharine, Arsinoe, and Mirabella to see how they were feeling after the events of the Quickening.

The three queens dished on everything from how they’re feeling about the competition so far, to how they plan to handle any double-crossers (looking at you, Katharine). Check it out below, and then be sure to catch the real action in ONE DARK THRONE!


Q&A With the Sisters of Three Dark Crowns


Q: Would any of you trade your gift for another?

All gifts are sacred. But I cannot imagine being without the lightning, without the wind, without the fire at my fingertips.

Katharine: Never. To be a poisoner is to be clever. Noble. Elegant. To know what must be done and then to do it. Elementals are…unreliable, and naturalists are unfortunately unrefined. And a little filthy.

Arsinoe: What is this, some kind of trick question?


Q: A few of you have met Joseph Sandrin, who has recently returned to the island. Thoughts?

: Joseph is…wonderful. He was caught in the wrong place, at the wrong time. I think I might have hurt him by saving him. But I do not regret it.

Katharine: I have never met him. I have met his foster-brother, the mainland suitor, William Chatworth Junior. And he is very dashing.

Arsinoe: If Billy is ‘dashing’ then I’m a ballroom dancer. Dashing. Please. And Mirabella is still blushing about this question.


Q: Are you looking forward to choosing a suitor?

: Of course. It will be a great honor.

Katharine: Who would not like to have the attentions of so many fine young men? I pity them their time with the ice queen though. And Arsinoe with the scarred face. The poor boys.

Arsinoe: No.


Q: When you aren’t engaged in a battle to the death, what do you like to do in your downtime?

: I like to study the history and lands of the island. Of course that is a very queenly answer. I also like to spend time with my friends, Bree and Elizabeth, and walk the cliffs of Shannon’s Blackway.

Katharine: I enjoy the same things that many do in their free time. Eating and conversing, riding horseback. Throwing knives.

Arsinoe: Downtime? There’s no downtime where Jules Milone is concerned. She’s got me hopping. Planning. Strategizing. But after a big day of hopping and planning and strategizing, we do enjoy a pint of ale and some fried clams at The Lion’s Head.


Q: There is a lot of politicking involved in becoming Queen Crowned, and there’s always the risk of betrayal. How would you deal with someone in your camp switching sides?

: No one in the elemental city would betray me. Though if they did it would be ugly. The punishment severe. We have the backing of the temple, and the priestesses take hands. And heads.

Katharine: You are about to find out, if I can lure him back from wherever he is hiding.

Arsinoe: Wolf Spring is loyal and the Milones are my family. No one will turn. Or if they do they’ll probably find themselves on the wrong end of a cougar.


Q: All three of you have been raised by different foster families from an early age, can you tell us about them?

: The Westwoods are good people. Sara, the matriarch, is a fine elemental who specializes in water. And her daughter Bree is like another sister to me. High Priestess Luca has raised me as much as they have, and I love her fiercely. She will always protect me. And she is often right, when I am wrong. When I have too much mercy in my heart.

Katharine: The Arrons are the finest poisoner family on the island. They have ruled on the Black Council for a century and raised the last three queens crowned. No one questions their abilities, or their competence.

Arsinoe: The Milones are… wonderful. I wish they weren’t mixed up in this horrible business.


Q: If you could change one thing about your current circumstances, what would it be?

: I would wish my sisters had been drowned when we were born, so I would not remember them.

Katharine: *laughs. I would not change a single thing. Not anymore.

Arsinoe: I wouldn’t be a queen. I wouldn’t be a queen, at all.


Q: If you win and move to the Volroy, what would you miss most about your current home on the island?

: Many things. The cliffs. The high winds through the evergreens. The beautiful murals on the walls and ceiling of Rolanth Temple.

Katharine: The Volroy is like home already. Indrid Down is only a short carriage ride from the Arron’s manor house in the hills.

Arsinoe: I’ll never live in the Volroy. But here are things I’m going to miss: Luke’s teas. All those little cakes he makes. And the sandwiches. Seals bobbing in Sealhead Cove. Cait yelling at Ellis about letting his familiar dog eat too many eggs. And Madge’s stuffed clams. Mmm. Are we almost done? I need to go to the market.


Q: If you couldn’t be queen, who would you pick to rule?

: I cannot answer that question.

Katharine: You should be arrested for asking.

Arsinoe: Neither one of these jerks. Or…Mirabella I guess.


Q: What would you say your odds are of becoming Queen Crowned, as of this moment?

: Odds do not matter. The Goddess will decide.

Katharine: She only says that because she thinks that she is chosen. My odds, on the other hand, are better than ever.

Arsinoe: My odds have never been good. They’re still not good. But here I am. And I have a few surprises left.


Q: Anything else you want to say to your sisters?

: I take no joy in killing you. It is what we do. It is who we are.

Katharine: Such a shame, to live that way. I intend to relish it. You will both die screaming and humiliated. For the good of the island.

Arsinoe: I guess it’s not worth asking if either of them want to abdicate.


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