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Ah, Valentine’s Day. We know it, we love it, we read a lot of books and eat a lot of chocolate because of it. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time of year time to finally admit that your one true love is books. Go ahead, scream it from the rooftops- we get it. This week we saw so much book love on #bookstagram that we absolutely could not miss the opportunity to shout it out. Here are the most *epic* Valentine’s Day bookstagrams!



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#sweetlittlewords17 Day 14: Bookish Heart

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2/15/17 🍥 happy "all the valentines candy is on mega sale today" day! 🍫🍬 i haven't read #heartless yet and i don't think it's on my immediate tbr… i love this exclusive edition we got in the november @owlcrate though! ♥️ i'm just not a huge fan of alice in wonderland and by not a huge fan i mean i hate it 😑 *dodges tomatoes* 🍅 *apologizes endlessly* _______________________________________________________ ❤️ #febfoodbookchallenge sorry guys i took your prompt: heartless lemon tarts pretty literally 🙃although, is this a lemon tart 🍋or a key like pie tart 🍰 because whole foods was sold out of lemon tarts? i guess we'll never know … 🙈 _______________________________________________________ anddddd i'm completely out of things to say… but hey, at least there's the drool emoji 🙃

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Happy Valentines Day! 😘 Also, I always forget how hard bookish hearts are to make! #febbookstagram #rfabfeb17

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2/14/17 ❤️ happy valentine's day bookstagram! 💌getting in the loving mood with a red page book heart! aren't stained pages just the best? 🤤also i wanted to show off some of my fave candles from @sevenheartswaxco: THIS RHYS CANDLE WILL FOREVER BE MY ABSOLUTE FAVE (seriously, it's not even that it's rhys, it smells amazing) 🔥 and of course warden! because he is the best and i love him 😍 _______________________________________________________ #febfoodbookchallenge book heart #fandomlovefeb OTP: umm hello paige and warden, feyre and rhys! _______________________________________________________ ♥️ it is actually nicks and my anniversary today too! ♥️ well not exactly but we don't know when we started dating so we just picked vday because we know we were together then. 🚨 FUNNY STORY ALERT 🚨 for our first valentine's day together he made me a cookie pie. it's basically a giant chocolate chip cookie with oreos baked inside of it. it's honestly obscene 🤦🏼‍♀️ i went over to his house where he presented me with said cookie pie, except he already ate a slice of it!!! he told me he had to make sure it was good but…. really nicholas, really? 🍪🍰 i was in the middle of chemo at the time so i really was in no mood for cookie pie but still! what a little shit. 💩he can't resist cookies, no matter the occasion or what form they take. anyways just thought that would brighten a few people's days ☀️❤️

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Happy Valentine's day! ❤💘 In Mexico, we also know it as the day of love and friendship, so it's not only an event for couples, but we also celebrate friendships & gift candy/sweets to our friends. It's actually a pretty cool event. BUT it's specially special to us because it's our dad's birthday!!!! 😍🎂🎈 ❤❤ . . Anywhoo, this is our first attempt at a bookish heart (for #febbookstagram ) & we are quite satisfied with it 😍 We had to use most of our hardbacks but next time we'll try to make it more color pleasing, probably with paperbacks. What do you think? 😊❤ . #bookishfriendsfeb17 ~ Mission (all of these are books with characters going on epic journeys ⚔⚔) . . Have a lovely day, friends 😘❤😘 . . #bookstagram #bookgram #yalit #ireadya #yabooks #yaliterature #bookishglee #bookishheart #bookheart #bibliophiles #bibliophile #booknerds #booknerd #booknerdigans #epicreads #igreads #bookphotography #valentines #booksandbooks #bookishlove #booklovers #booklover #booklove #booklovin

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