Epic Reads Exclusives, Selection Series

Selectioners, you’ve done it before, you can do it again! Time to unlock More Selection.

Here’s the deal. We know you’re up for a challenge, so this time there’s two parts to this unlock. And that means double the rewards.

What’s up for grabs? Glad you asked. First, you can unlock the first three chapters of The Queen, the brand spanking new Selection novella from Queen Amberly’s point of view, before it’s available December 12th. Then, it gets even better. Complete challenge two and you unlock an exclusive, bonus epilogue to THE ONE!


Now, let’s unlock MORE SELECTION:

1.) Go to http://unlockmoreselection.com

2.) To complete challenge one, share your favorite images, quotes and everything you love about the Selection series on Tumblr and Instagram using #MoreSelection.

3.) When that’s done, do a quick happy dance before getting back to work. Tell the world why you love the Selection series using #MoreSelection on Twitter to complete challenge two.

4.) Share more, unlock #MoreSelection!


Before you flock to the web, check out this message from Kiera Cass!