We Made a Character Chart for The Thousandth Floor

So maybe you picked up The Thousandth Floor because everyone is always talking about it and you couldn’t ignore it on the shelf, after all it has the prettiest, glitteriest, sparkliest cover of all time. When you got your hands on it and you opened the most glamorous book of all time and started reading it in all of its glory, you may have been just the slightest bit intimidated by all the characters and all of their secrets. No shame here, 1,000 floors of frenemies and foes is a lot to keep track of! We get it.

To help you keep track of all of the main characters and how they are connected, we made this awesome infographic so you can easily see who is connected to who, and where they live in the tower.

Check it out below:

The Thousandth Floor Character Breakdown Infographic

And now for the oh so necessary character breakdown:


Let’s start on top of the world at the home of Avery Fuller. Their family has the entire thousandth floor to themselves (must be nice), making them the richest people in the Tower. Her parents genetically engineered her to be perfect. She’s exactly the kind of girl you want to hate but can’t because she’s also generous, kind, and loyal to her friends. But don’t be fooled, she is not flawless. Her vice is that she loves someone she shouldn’t—her adopted brother, Atlas, who joined her family at age 5. Ew, it’s so gross, we know.


Leda is Avery’s best friend who lives on floor 962. She is also helplessly in love with Atlas. Awkward. She spent some secret time “away” over the summer at rehab, but keeps that one a secret from Avery her friends. Her mission to make Atlas love her combined with her addictive personality and insane need to be in control cause her to go just a little crazy. Don’t get on her bad side. She will destroy you.


Atlas is Avery’s mysterious and slightly elusive adopted brother. He’s got that smoldering hottie thing going on. After he had a short fling with Leda, he left for the summer and no one really heard from him. When he got back to the Tower he was sort of standoffish and cold. We discover that’s because he might also be hiding feelings for his sister Avery. It’s so wrong, but we just can’t look away from all the crazy.


Eris is one of Avery’s best friends who lives on floor 985. She’s carefree, sassy, beautiful and flirty. This is definitely the girl you want to party with. Eris can get any guy or girl’s attention and loves her life. That is, until her parents get into an epic fight and Eris and her mom are forced to move down tower to floor 103. OUCH. Eris does her best to keep all of this a secret from Avery and their friends, but with all the sneaky people around, it won’t be a secret forever. And then Eris discovers an even bigger secret about Leda that make things just a little bit more complicated for this flirty beauty.


Cord lives on 969 and manages to steer clear from most of the drama. He hooks up with Eris occasionally, and hosts the best parties that Avery and her friends attend. His parents aren’t around so he lives with his brother and all of their money. He comes off as the coolest bro around, but we see how lonely and complex he is when he starts for fall for his maid, Rylin and they have a secret forbidden romance. <3


Rylin is the hipster girl form Floor 32 who is not part of the highliers glamorous world. She parties in Brooklyn, she works hard to support her younger sister, and takes the job at Cord’s house to make extra money. She’s strong-willed and practical and falls for Cord despite her best efforts not to. But, it’s not a total fairytale when she’s swept into his world. Her angry boyfriend puts her in a sticky situation when he learns that she has some secrets up her sleeve too.

Watt & Nadia

And then there’s Watt stuck in the middle of them all on floor 294. He’s a loveable hacker who falls for Avery the second he sees her (who wouldn’t?) and uses his own secret weapon to try to win her heart. What is that secret weapon? Oh, just his pal Nadia, the computer he inserted into his brain that can find out anything about anyone and might be super illegal because that won’t cause any problems at all.

So who falls from the thousandth floor? Who ends up with who? And who will be forced to tell the truth?  For all of that, you’re going to have to read the book. (You can start reading the first 4 chapters here!)

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