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The What If It’s Us Cover Dropped and Twitter Pretty Much Lost Its Mind

Hey there, book nerds. We’re not sure if you heard, but Becky Albertalli (the human embodiment of the heart eyes emoji), and Adam Silvera (whose books have a habit of wrecking us emotionally like no other) are writing a book together! It’s called WHAT IF IT’S US, and we’re 100% sure that this fall we will be hit with all the feels.

This theory was confirmed when the cover dropped, and we immediately felt the need to hug both characters and also frame the artwork.

Now, before we drop the full cover on you, here’s some inside info: WHAT IF IT’S US is a queer love story about two very different boys who find fate is either drawing them together or pulling them apart. It’s told from dual POVs; Becky’s character, Arthur, is a Broadway loving cinnamon roll who’s only in New York for the summer, and Adam’s character, Ben, is dealing with a breakup when the two first meet. And you can see them below…

Do you love it?!?!?!? We love it. The casual smiles. The skyline in the background. Can we seriously get this framed?! Is it possible to ship characters just from a single book cover?!?!

BUT we know we’re not alone here, because when the cover dropped, Twitter basically exploded. Reactions ranged from crazy enthusiasm to “wow, I didn’t realize someone could convey that much excitement in 240 characters.”

Naturally, we collected some of the best ones that you can #relate to below:


Here’s the moment Twitter lost its mind over What If It’s Us:


Some people really loved the idea of the collaboration:


Some were already in love with Arthur and Ben (and like, same):


And some (read: all) can just NOT WAIT:


Are you going out of your mind waiting for this book like we are?! Let us know all of your thoughts (pls… we’re dying here) in the comments below!

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