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A note from Team Epic Reads: We have a special treat for our community! Read this guest post from AMY PLUM to find out how you can help decide what she should write next!

Die for Me Until I Die

I’ve got a little secret I’d like to share with you. I have been asked by HarperTeen to write either a novella or short story based on the DIE FOR ME universe. It will be available in eBook format next spring—just before IF I SHOULD DIE is released.

When my editor asked me which of DIE FOR ME’s characters I wanted to write about, I immediately thought of you, my readers. I asked if you could be allowed to choose the story you want to read.

So…we’re leaving it up to you, dear readers. Click here to place your vote on Epic Reads for one of the following pieces.

Voting will automatically enter you in a contest to win THE ENCHANTED LALIQUE FROG. This Lalique crystal frog—sent to you straight from France—is guaranteed to transform the boy you’re thinking of into his TRUE FORM. So beware and choose only a strong, trustworthy prince. Otherwise you risk having a slimy toad on your hands.

When Kate Mercier walks into the lives of Paris’s revenants, Vincent Delacroix isn’t the only one whose world turns upside down. Jules Marchenoir has spent the last century flirting his way through Paris, enjoying his life as an immortal bachelor. But when he meets Kate and realizes that he and his best friend are in love with the same girl, he is forced to choose between love and friendship.

Sixteen-year-old art prodigy Jules Marchenoir moves to Paris to join the biggest figures of the European art world in the wildest setting imaginable: turn-of-the-century Montmartre. But his career is cut short when he sacrifices his life to save fellow artist Fernand Leger in the first World War. After animating as a revenant he is forced to hide from the art world where his career was flourishing, avoid any love affair that threatens to expose him, and learn to fight murderous enemies out to destroy his kind.

It is 1943, and twenty seven-year-old Geneviève Lefaucheux is killed by firing squad after she is discovered smuggling food to detainees of the Drancy concentration camp, near Paris. Philippe, her husband of three years, is devastated until a few weeks after her death, Geneviève walks in through their front door alive, uninjured…and immortal.

Fifteen year-old Charlotte Lorieux and her twin brother Charles are shot to death after hiding Jewish classmates during World War Two. But, for them, death is not the end. Animated as revenants, the siblings join Paris’s bardia in their war against the evil numa, and the protection of the city becomes Charlotte’s sole focus. Until the day she finds that she has fallen hopelessly in love with a fellow revenant who has already given his heart to another.

Charles Lorieux is fifteen when he is killed for his involvement in the Paris Resistance. Soon after animating as a revenant, Charles falls in love with a human. But seeing the impossibility of a human-revenant relationship, he breaks it off and spends the next half-century hiding his bitterness at his fate. The day that Vincent brings Kate, his human girlfriend, into the revenants’ world, Charles’s anger reaches a boiling point and he begins to search for a way to escape his destiny.

Ambrose Bates is sent from Oxford, Mississippi to France to fight in World War Two. After receiving a letter from his girlfriend that she has found someone else, he decides to sacrifice himself for the members of his battalion who still have loved ones waiting at home for them. But what he thought was the end is only the beginning, and Ambrose begins his life as an undead American in Paris.

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