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Don't Know Who to Follow on Twitter? These YA Characters Are a Good Start

We all love to follow our favorite authors on social media—inside scoop! Writing sprints! The prime source of all things fandom!—but what about our favorite characters? Do you need some tips on who to follow on Twitter? Well, thanks to some incredibly creative fans, we can! 

If you’ve read books like SIMON VS. THE HOMO SAPIENS AGENDA, THE HATE U GIVE, THEY BOTH DIE AT THE ENDand more, then the characters you fell in love with on the page are now also living on the digital screen! We’ve collected some of our favorites here, but this is just the least of what they have to offer. So follow them, tweet at them, and, hey, if you’re feeling so inclined, go ahead and start your own! Everyone should be in on the fun.


Who to follow on Twitter from YA:


From the Simonverse:


From the world of The Hate U Give:


And from They Both Die at the End:


So as you can see, living in our fave books doesn’t have to end at the last page. You can follow these characters—and more!—over on Twitter. Let us know who else you find!

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