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We would all like to live in a fantasy novel, but we can’t ALL be the Chosen One! How about someone with a secret magical ability, or a royal fighting their way back to the throne?

You’ll find that and so much more in Bree Barton’s HEART OF THORNS. It’s the start of a dark and bold fantasy trilogy starring Mia Rose, a girl determined to hunt down the Gwyrach: witches with the power to manipulate flesh, blood, and bones. Mia believes the Gwyrach killed her mother, so not even her upcoming marriage to the prince will get in the way of her mission, until she discovers that she also possesses the magic she has sworn to destroy. Now on the run with the prince in tow, Mia will begin to discover secrets about her own past that she never could have imagined…

Before you start reading this pulse-pounding novel, take the quiz below to find out who you would in a YA fantasy!


Who would you be in a YA fantasy novel?


So….who would you be in a YA fantasy novel? Tell us in the comments below!

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