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Postcards From Your Favorite YA Characters

Picture this: Maven, suitcase packed, one of his bathing suits stuck in the zipper.

Okay, so maybe our YA favs don’t get to go on vacation too much, but it can be fun to think about what they get up to when they’re not busy saving the world. Or taking it over. Or falling in love. And I SEE LONDON, I SEE FRANCE, the newest fab summer read from Sarah Mlynowski, gave us the perfect inspiration!

Obviously the Calores would head to Summerton, and our dear Jamie Watson would be on his way abroad. But the destinations aren’t the best part… it’s the postcards they’d send that have our attention. Who would they write to? What would they say? We put some serious thought into this and came up with how some of them would definitely look. Scroll down and check them out!

YA postcards


I See London, I See France

To: Addison
From: Sydney


Dorothy Must Die

To: Amy
From: Dorothy


Three Dark Crowns

To: Pietyr
From: Katharine


Red Queen

To: Mare
From: Maven



To: Lyra
From: Gemma


A Study In Charlotte

To: Charlotte
Love From: Jamie


The Selection

To: May
From: America


The Thousandth Floor

To: Avery
From: Atlas


Which YA characters do you think could use a vaca? Let us know in the comments below! 

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