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City of a Thousand Dolls

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When I first discovered this book, I had no idea it was featured on this website or that I'd encounter it as I was browsing for a new book to read at chapters. Goodness, I wasn't even planning to buy the book *this is the first one* and the only reason I wanted to buy it was because I got pulled in by the synopsis on the second book (Empire of Shadows). This book took me by surprise!! I didn't except to love and would enjoy this book as much as I was looking forward to the second one! It didn't capture me like all the other books in the beginning which made me think, it'd be just something to read to past the time...but boy I was wrong! I've never loved a book as much as this. *defs gonna re-read it again* Just goes to show, first impressions on books (having a pretty cover & well made synopsis to lure you in won't guarantee you a good read right away). It doesn't hurt to give books you may not be interested in at first a chance. :D *though that's just personal preference & opinion*


The City of a Thousand Dolls lies in the remote hinterlands of the Bhinian Empire, which is drawn from South Asian folklore and mythology as well as the author’s own rich imagination.


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