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September Girls

On-Sale Date: April 22 2014
Format: Paperback, 352pp
ISBN# 9780061255656
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Price: $9.99


September Girls is a stunning coming-of-age novel about first loves, oblivious parents, sibling rivalries—and mermaids. This imaginative and painfully honest book garnered five starred reviews, including one from ALA Booklist that proclaimed it "a rare and lovely novel, deserving of attention from discriminating readers."

Whisked away by his father to an unusual beach town in the Outer Banks, Sam finds himself having the summer vacation most guys dream of. He's surrounded by beautiful blonde girls, and, better yet, they all seem inexplicably attracted to him. But there's definitely something strange about the Girls. They only wear flats because heels make their feet bleed. They never go swimming in the water. And they all want something from him.

Sam falls for one of the Girls, DeeDee, and begins an unexpected summer romance. But as they get closer, she pulls away without explanation. Sam knows that if he is going to win her back, he'll have to learn the Girls' secret.

Bennett Madison, critically acclaimed author of The Blonde of the Joke, brings a mix of lyrical writing, psychologically complex characters, and sardonic humor to this young adult novel. September Girls is perfect for fans of the irreverent wit of Ned Vizzini and the seductive magic of fairy tales retold.

Book Description

When Sam's dad whisks him off to the beach for the summer, it doesn't take him long to realize this sleepy vacation town isn't what it seems. Time slows down around here, cell phones don't work, and everywhere Sam looks, he sees strange, beautiful girls. Girls who are inexplicably drawn to him.

As Sam begins to unravel the mystery of The Girls and their beach, he's forced to question everything he thought he knew about love, growing up, and becoming a man.

Dark, funny, and provocative, September Girls is a truly original novel about the stories we tell ourselves and the stories we're told to believe.

So their mermaids?


I just bought it I haven't read it yet
it seems pretty good


I recycled this book. Sorry but its the worst book I ever read.


I'm right along with you. Mine's in September too!


I SO want to read this because my birthday is in September!


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