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Silver Phoenix

On-Sale Date: February 01 2011
Format: Paperback, 368pp
ISBN# 9780061730245
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Price: $8.99


Book Description

Ai Ling can see into other people's minds and reach into their spirits. But she doesn't know why this power has awakened inside her. She only knows that it is growing. It leads her on an epic journey—one that brings her to the edge of the deepest evil.

Chen Yong has a quest of his own, but then his path crosses Ai Ling's. And there's a connection so strong that neither can ignore it.

Now they must face terrifying demons determined to kill them, and battle through treacherous lands. It is their destiny. But can destiny keep them together?

Cindy Pon has created the kingdom of Xia, drawing from ancient Chinese folklore and mythology as well as her own rich imagination


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