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Snow Like Ashes

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  1. New Year's 2015 Reading List

This book was amazingly awesome!! Such a strong female lead. I loved reading about her and her struggles. This made my favs list of 2014 <3

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I absolutely loved this book and can't wait for the next books but I would love if there was a shorter book about before Angra's time and the history of the conduits and the decay and the 8 kingdoms and the culture and appearance of the people of each kingdom.


When I was beginning to read this book, it was confusing just because there's some areas the author wasn't able to deliver her intention, well enough for me to grasp. The beginning part of the book was just a confusing big mess *in my personal opinion* where I'd be frowning and re-reading passages over again. Usually I prefer a good read to be something that flows easily while still being able to paint the picture the author wants to portray to its readers. I didn't gets that flow in the beginning which made me a bit sad...ALTHOUGH I would say that the book got better by the middle-end part which had me going again being all giddy about when the next book will come out. The cliff hanger just makes me want the second book to come out already. XD


This looks really good.




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