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The Shadow Queen

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I never believe that any spell works. It is something I can't help but to share becu If you celebrate with others, you must also be celebrated. This day is one of my happiest because I can not be able to express how much happy I am that is why I take to show my heartfelt thanks to DOCTOR ZANZIN for helping me find true happiness. Since I met DOCTOR ZANZIN it have been a different journey. I lost my fiance for over 2yrs to a blonde lady in Holland, I tried my best to make peace with him and resolve our differences but it was just like he had transformed a new person, I started to seek for advice and counseling and I went to different spellcasters but none of them was powerful enough then I was told that he has been spellbound and it is hard to break. I was down and I prayed for help, it took 3 more months until I met DOCTOR Zanzin who help me break the spell in just 7days and make sure that he could not be spellbound again, i cannot thank DOCTOR ZANZIN for what he has done in my life, we are happily married now have been together since and my peace is sure and I am so grateful. You can contact DOCTOR ZANZIN for what ever is troubling you or giving you problem on his mail box at drzanzinspellcaster@gmail.com. I am convinced that he is the most powerful spellcaster.


This book, I didn't feel any connection to any of the characters at all. The only character I probably liked was Sasha, the gyrfalcon. The characters seemed pretty boring and dull. The storyline wasn't very interesting, I guess that's why I wasn't dragged into the book like other readers. I also felt like there was little background information about the different types of magic, the ogres, and the other problems that were happening. No surprises because it was very predictable.


In my opinion there is never a dull moment and there is suspense poured in every where.
Really good.


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