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The Witch Collector Part I

On-Sale Date: April 02 2013
Format: E-Book, 184pp
ISBN# 9780062254313
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Price: $1.99


Book Description

The Witch Collector is a digital original novel in two parts that's a suspenseful brew of magic, dark strangers, and witchcraft—perfect for fans of the Beautiful Creatures and Mortal Instruments series.

The day after her best friend's funeral, Breeda's parents pack her up, usher her into the car, and then drive out of Oregon without looking back. Breeda doesn't know why they left so urgently or why they're headed to Chicago—but she does know that it's against the rules to leave without consulting your Coven Leader. . . . It's a crime punishable by banishment.

All her family has is each other now, in a city that feels strange, unfamiliar, and dark. But when Breeda comes home on her first night in Chicago to find their apartment ransacked and only a bloody handprint left behind, she realizes that you can't outrun the craft.

HarperTeen Impulse is a digital imprint focused on young adult short stories and novellas, with new releases the first Tuesday of each month.

My review:

5/5 Stars

I received a copy from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review

Loretta Nyhan's The Witch Collector Part 1 is a fantastic read that is short enough to read in one day, but addicting enough to make the reader want the sequel to be available now.

The reader is immediately brought into the action of the novel. We aren't entirely sure what will happen next and this will make the reader instantly curious about what this small family is running from.

The pacing of Nyhan's novel is surprisingly strong, considering how short it is. Breeda, the protagonist, is a young witch full of questions that her parents never get around to answering before their disappearance. Nyhan expertly navigates Breeda's dangerous and confusing new world by giving us only what Breeda knows--this is enhanced by her use of the first person narrative.

Nyhan uses brief flashbacks to describe Breeda's past and this technique can either work for the story, or it can go very, very wrong. In this case, the glimpses into Breeda's past are enjoyable and interesting because they do not dump information on the reader in excessive amounts. I usually find continuous flashbacks to be irritating and boring, but Breeda's beautifully cryptic past is full of unexplored mystery.

Breeda is interesting because of her parents' mysterious disappearance and her abnormal growth as a witch, but it is the characters around her that truly make this an addicting read. The themes of family and redemption are strong in The Witch Collector, and Breeda's new friends all have a part to play in the mystery that begs to be solved. The chemistry between the other characters and Breeda is immediately warm and trusting, making this a refreshingly drama-free novel.

Perhaps the greatest draw a future reader may have to The Witch Collector is how unique it is. I know, I know--the witchy/magic genre is currently full of newly published works, but Nyhan explores the darker aspects of witch craft in a very original way. Instead of strictly sticking to the cliched good vs. bad witch theme, Nyhan shows us that there is more to the dark arts than nefarious intents.

Sometimes, you have to be bad to be good.

I recommend The Witch Collector to fans of the magical genre. If you like shorter reads that feature great pacing, then you will enjoy this one. Original, exciting, and with slow-cooking romance, a young adult reader will devour Nyhan's novel


OMG. This book. I wasn't even going to buy it because I still like to hold books, But I got a kindle fire for Christmas and my friend showed me this site. There are so many good books here! :) I found this book because I LOVE witches. I love everything about them and even read books by Andrea Cremer and love them. So I knew this was a part one but part two is coming soon, so I figured I'd get it and when I finished part two would be out. Only I read part one so fast because I couldn't put it down! I can't wait for part two, but I will. Because I have to find out what is going to happen! This would make a good show, or even something online. Or a game.


My review
I remain 60 percent of the way into this book I was debating finishing this book but by the other reviews I was thinking it stops short right in the middle and will really give me no ending anyway.

My thoughts on The Witch Collector Part 1 I started off engrossed in the book, as Breeda and what kind of name is that? Seems to be fleeing with her parents from something, gaining her magic she is often taken into visions or dreams. That was really cool so I was thinking this book was going in a awesome direction. Well that was the direction it kept taking Breeda was running from something, then she keeps trying to find out what, then her parents are gone with no answers then Breeda is again with no answers.

My entire feelings come on, answers would be nice some sort of what are they running from and answers. Maybe I needed to finish the book. But with the way it kept dragging on and on I just couldn't do it. My eyes just couldn't do it.

I love Witches so this was hard for me I wanted it to be so good, not a flop.


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