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Welcome to the procrastination destination. Here you can take quizzes and discover if you’re actually a dragon, or enter to win free things! Bookmark this page because we’re always posting new quizzes and giveaways!


Win real prizes by taking part in contests and sweepstakes from the best teen books and authors! Take part in the contests below to win gift cards, freebies and more! Check back often for new contests to enter each month.

  • Enter by May 30th for a chance to win new repackaged paperbacks of The Thief, The King Of Attolia, The Queen Of Attolia, A Conspiracy Of Kings, and...


What kind of reader are you? What do the books you read say about you? Take one of our bookish fun personality quizzes and find out! See all Epic Reads quizzes here!

  • The Hardest Queen's Thief Quiz You'll Ever Take
  • Build a Cliché YA Plot and We’ll Reveal a Deep Truth about You
  • Which Fairy Tale Stereotype Are You?
  • Make a Sushi Roll and We’ll Guess Your Favorite Way to Read


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