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1255 days ago
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BookishShimmy_Caster Okay so The Infernal Devices will have a sequel then The Dark Artifices will also HAVE a sequel. Which means The Shadowhunter Chronicles will have a five series all in all.
>The Infernal Devices (Trilogy)
>The Last Hours (Trilogy)
>The The Mortal Instruments (Six Books)
>The The Dark Artifices (Trilogy)
>The Wicked Powers (Trilogy)
Side Stories: The Bane Chronicles , Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy .
I CANNOT BREATHEEEEEEEEE!!!! LIKE OMFG. WAY TO GO CASSANDRA CLARE!! OMFG THIS IS SOOO GREAT AND BY THE WAY The Wicked Powers is intended to be the last in the Shadowhunter Chronicles so far, but I still have HOPE!! LIKE OMG ASDFGHJKL
1299 days ago
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