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Teen Book Quizzes & Polls

Find out which special power you’re most likely to have or what character you most resemble with insider quizzes from all the top teen and young adult books. Ready to share your opinion on books, authors, characters, and more? Answer a poll below and see what other teens thought.


  • Which City Love Character Are You?
    In Susane Colasanti’s CITY LOVE, three very different girls become roommates in New York City and they each embark on a summer of fun, romance, and self-discovery. The best part is that with three girls, this book has three times the romance! Find out which character best reflects your own summer lovin’!
  • Do You Have What It Takes to Tell the Truth?
    In Liars, Inc., high school seniors Max, Parvati, and Preston start a business selling forged permission slips and cover stories to other students. All three of them excel at lying for their classmates, but outside of school, Max is often painfully honest while Parvati lies frequently and easily. Preston? Let’s just say he has more important things to worry about than getting caught telling tales. But what about you?

    Are you a born liar like Parvati, a truth-teller like Max, or somewhere in between? Take this quick quiz to find out!


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