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10 Extremely Productive Places to Work on Your Novel


10 Extremely Productive Places to Work on Your Novel

10 Extremely Productive Places to Work on Your Novel
This is like one of those YOU CAN EXERCISE ANYWHERE articles except it’s for people who would rather write books than do dumb squats.

Best Places for Guerilla Writing…

—–A list created by Kate Scelsa, author of Fans of the Impossible Life—–
Do you want to write but feel like you don’t have the time? Don’t have the right desk, the perfect office, the soft comfy chair of your dreams? You don’t need these things to write! If you want to write, then you must become a guerilla writer!

1. On the bus

This is a nice one to ease you into guerilla writing. Buses are great places for reading, so why not switch to writing?
Guerilla Writing Level: 1

2. In a car

Good for long car trips, unless you suffer from motion sickness. Also, if you’re the only passenger, consider that the driver might like to actually talk to you and not just listen to you scribble in your notebook. NOTE: Do not attempt guerilla writing if you are the one DRIVING the car!
Guerilla Writing Level: 2

 3. In a treehouse

This is a nice one because it brings you back to childhood, to playfulness and to sparking your imagination. Sometimes I sit and write on my fire escape in Brooklyn and pretend that it’s a treehouse, since it’s surrounded by a tree. NOTE: Watch for squirrels.
Guerilla Writing Level: 3

4. In bed

Just like the bus, if you read in bed you can write in bed. Stay up late with a flashlight under the blankets. The only thing better than staying up all night reading a story to find out what happens is staying up all night writing a story to find out what happens! NOTE: Sleeping is important, you should usually try to get plenty of sleep.
Guerilla Writing Level: 3

5. At the beach

I’m very fond of this one. Whether it’s a sunny beach, or a stormy, moody beach, beaches are perfect places for musing things over. Although you run the risk of facing that classic writer’s dilemma of having to choose between actually experiencing life and writing about it. I suggest alternating swim, sun, write. NOTE: No laptops!
Guerilla Writing Level: 4

6. At school

This one can get you into trouble if you’re in class pretending to take notes and instead you’re writing the next great YA romance. Pay attention in school, people! But… if you have a study hall… and you already finished your work…
Guerilla Writing Level: 4

7. At dinner

Are you at dinner with someone and you’re sitting on a laptop? How rude! UNLESS you’re both writing! Is it a writing date? Is there a whole group of you scribbling away in your notebooks in a restaurant while other people stare and wonder what could possibly be so interesting? Wonderful! NOTE: Not recommended for family dinners.
Guerilla Writing Level: 5

8. In a lighthouse

Oh how romantic! You’re in a lighthouse! Stare out at the waves crashing against the rocks and think of lost sailors and mermaids and pirates and get to writing!
Guerilla Writing Level: 7

9. On stage

This is how I wrote and edited a lot of my YA novel Fans of the Impossible Life. I performed on and off for almost nine years in a show called Gatz that used the entire text of The Great Gatsby. The show was eight hours long. I’m not exaggerating. NOTE: You need to know your cues VERY, VERY well!
Guerilla Writing Level: 8

10. While sky diving

Probably you just shouldn’t.
Guerilla Writing Level: 10!!!

Fans of the Impossible Life by Kate ScelsaAbout Kate Scelsa

Kate Scelsa studied writing and theater at Sarah Lawrence College. For the past twelve years she has performed in New York and on tour around the world with experimental theater company Elevator Repair Service in their trilogy of works based on great American literature, including an eight-hour-long performance that uses the entire text of The Great Gatsby. Kate grew up in New Jersey and now lives in Brooklyn with her wife and two black cats.
A captivating and profound debut novel, Fans of the Impossible Life is a story about complicated love and the friendships that change you forever.

What are some of your favorite guerilla writing locations? Tell us in the comments below!

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