12 Signs You're A Banned Book Reader


12 Signs You're A Banned Book Reader

This week is Banned Books Week so we want to know, ARE YOU A BANNED BOOK READER?

1. You couldn’t care less about pigeons, doves, seagulls, or canaries, but you know it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird.


2. You read dystopians before Katniss was even born.


3. You don’t judge people on whether they’re a good witch or a bad witch.


4. You had a nervy spaz and almost duffed up a div for proposing to ban a book, even if it contained nunga-nungas or nuddy-pants. And you know exactly what that sentence means.


5. Speaking of nuddy-pants, sometimes you have dreams where you lose your clothes and you don’t understand the big deal.


6. And somehow, you still manage to sleep through the night to have those dreams, even after looking at this cover.


7. Because you realize that sometimes the most realistic fiction is the scariest (but all the more reason NOT TO BAN IT!).


8. Let’s face it––censorship really gets you down. Good thing books are your CRUTCH.


9. And sometimes you’re so engrossed in reading you leave a light on in the attic.


10. Economics, econometrics. . . it’s all just fancy ways of saying INTERESTING THINGS TO READ.


11. You know that sometimes your greatest friends are only in your life for a short time.


12. But mostly you just hang out with a bunch of WILD things.

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