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14 Things That Should Be Banned Instead Of Books


14 Things That Should Be Banned Instead Of Books

Hey banning enthusiasts, it’s time to evaluate your priorities. There’s no need to pick on our beautiful books while other monstrosities are free to roam about.
This Banned Books Week let’s redirect our attention to what we all agree could be banned in lieu of books. Then, celebrate your freedom to read!

1. The last slice of pizza

Think of how many friendships could be saved if we ended the fight for the last slice.


2. Netflix streaming issues

It’s called instant streaming for a reason. We have the right to binge watch.


3. Paper cuts

Truly, paper cuts are life’s most pestering injuries.


4. The final season of LOST.

But seriously, why is there a polar bear on the island?

5. Too hot tea

Is it a strange concept to want to drink our tea right when we make it?


6. Waiting a year for the next book in a series

We understand the publishing schedule, but that doesn’t make the agony disappear.


7. Fandom judging

Fictional obsessions should always be encouraged, no matter personal stance on the subject.


8. Burnt popcorn

Microwaves, spite us no longer.


9. Cliffhanger endings



10. Waking up five minutes before your alarm goes off

In which the next 4:59 minutes are spent wishing you read the time wrong.


11. Hold music

We’d also accept a ban on being on hold altogether.


12. Homework



13. Folding fitted sheets

Trying to fold fitted sheets has caused wars in the past. WORLD WARS. Therefore, this should be banned
Fitted sheets

14. Multiple movies for the last book in a series

We’re looking at you Twilight, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and Divergent.
Allegiant and Ascendant

What else should be banned instead of books? Tweet us with the hashtag #ThingsThatShouldBeBannedInsteadOfBooks or tell us in the comments below!

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