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15 Undeniable Truths About Book Nerds


15 Undeniable Truths About Book Nerds

Here are some things we know to be true about being a bibliophile.

If we see someone reading the same book as us:



The true way to make us happy is to give us more books.


We have priorities.


Even our pets are well read.


We have many book boyfriends.


We’re obsessed with the smell of books.


We experience book hangover on a regular basis.


We aren’t afraid to announce to the world who we truly are.


Most of us own ereaders but we still read real books.


We identify with Elizabeth from Pride & Prejudice…


…and Belle from Beauty and the Beast


We only judge people by the contents of their bookshelf.


If we’re going to use a pick up line, it’s going to be gloriously dorky.


We get ridiculously excited over new book releases.


We get the feels. Lots and lots of feels.


What other truths would you include in this list?

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