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18 Things Erin Bowman Would Do in Claysoot Before Turning Eighteen


18 Things Erin Bowman Would Do in Claysoot Before Turning Eighteen

Imagine you live in a very small, walled-in village where all the men vanish on their 18th birthday? What would be on your pre-18 bucket list? Below is a list of 18 things Erin Bowman, author of TAKEN, would do.


18 Things I’d Do in Claysoot Before Turning Eighteen

I’ll be honest: I’m glad I don’t live in Claysoot. Life isn’t easy there, and the Heist—which takes every boy come eighteen—only complicates things further. Granted, I’m a girl and wouldn’t have to worry about the Heist, but let’s pretend otherwise for a moment. Suddenly there’s a lot I’d want to do—trivial, significant, and otherwise—in that primitive, isolated town…
1.) Hike the perimeter of Claysoot
2.) Go skinny dipping in the lake
3.) Ring the Council Bell well before dawn (then bolt before Maude pitches a fit)
4.) Win a game of Little Lie
5.) Whittle Kale a new wooden duck
6.) Learn how to set a snare
7.) Climb the giant oak alongside the northern portion of the Wall
8.) Sit atop the Wall, feet dangling on the deadly side
9.) Spend a night in the crop fields and sleep beneath the stars
10.) Propose the Council ban arranged slatings
11.) Host an archery match
12.) Shoot a bulls-eye
13.) Try a bite of everything edible traded in the market
14.) Sketch the red-tailed hawks
15.) Read every scroll in the library
16.) Keep a journal
17.) Fall in love
18.) Admit it*
*Not just mentally, but to the person. Face-to-face.
So that’s my list. Seems a bit silly when you compare the weight of things like #17+18 to say, #2, but such is the nature of bucket lists. Oh, and Gray would like me to inform you that he’s done all but #5 (he feels horrible for never having thought to do this), #14 (but it sounds like something Emma would do), and #18 (no comment).
I tried to get more out of him regarding #18, but he stalked off. Rest assured that if you pick up a copy of TAKEN, you’ll get a little more insight to that final point. Whether Gray wants you to or not.

Claysoot aside, do you guys have a bucket list? Anything you want to tackle before your time is up? Leave us your thoughts in the comments and one lucky commenter will win a hardcover copy of TAKEN!

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