Here’s Your Bookish Horoscope for November!


Here’s Your Bookish Horoscope for November!

Here's Your Bookish Horoscope for October!

Well, book nerds. The year is winding down, but the stars aren’t giving you any respite, are they?

Be prepared for November to be a month of activity, celebration, and maybe a little bit of uncertainty. From celebrating Book Lovers Day to voting in your first election, cooking up a storm for Thanksgiving to standing in line for Black Friday, this month is sure to be busy. But in the best of ways, we hope?

And while you’re going from party A to party B, make sure you leave time for a book or two, alright? It just so happens we have a suggestion for you…


Epic Reads November Horoscopes


Epic Reads Horoscopes: Scorpio


October 23 – November 21
Keywords: Reflection, rejuvenation, relaxation
October was all about self-improvement, and don’t you feel better for it, Scorpio? Hold onto that positive energy as you charge into November. Because you might be feeling a bit… grumpier than normal. When you feel the ⛈storm clouds⛈ descending upon your head, bury your nose in a happy book until the threat passes. And when you feel like YET ANOTHER year has gone by — and a tumultuous one at that — with little to show for it, remind yourself that you are like a phoenix risen from the ashes. A little dusty, but stronger and braver than you were last year. So go forth and celebrate — your birthday, Guy Fawkes Day, Thanksgiving — and reflect on what a ~crazy~ year it has been. And relax. The universe has your back.

Book pick: This Is Kind of an Epic Love Story by Kheryn Callender
Reason: A fun book for when you’re feeling down. Nate doesn’t believe in happy endings. Playing it safe to spare a broken heart is his favorite strategy. But his best-friend-turned-girlfriend-turned-best-friend-again Florence is set on making sure Nate finds someone else. But when he does, will he have what it takes to find a happy ending?


Epic Reads Horoscopes: Sagittarius


November 22 – December 21
Keywords: Commitment, bravery, optimism
In October you focused inward and found joy in small achievements. In November, you’ll be focused on building a stable foundation as your birthday — AND a new year — approaches. That could mean reflecting on all the changes you’ve gone through this past year, plotting out the novel that’s been brewing like a ☕️pour-over coffee☕️ in the back of your mind, or recommitting to that meditation app you started in January and only used twice. This time of reflection will make you feel like the world is at your fingertips. That you’re ready to take some risks, to make new friends, to embrace your new year with an open heart. And, of course, with a book in hand.

Book pick: The Resolutions by Mia Garcia
Reason: The perfect book to read before your birthday! New Years are for fresh starts, but Jess just wants everything to go back to the way it was. Jess, Lee, Ryan, and Nora have always been inseparable. But as a new year unfolds and new resolutions are tackled, their bonds will be tested — for nothing is ever as simple as it seems.


Epic Reads Horoscopes: Capricorn


December 22 – January 19
Keywords: Wisdom, energy, determination
October was all about finding patience and not giving in to self-pressure. And wow, has that paid off in spades, Capricorn! Thanks to all that hard work, you’re set to take on November with an undeniably rare combination of enthusiasm AND wisdom. That means you know what you want, you know how to get it, and you’re letting NOTHING stand in your way. Whether that’s single-handedly cooking your family’s Thanksgiving dinner, organizing a 🇺🇸Rock the Vote🇺🇸 event at school, or completing your #NaNoWriMo goals ahead of schedule, we can tell you have a lot in store for yourself as your birthday fast approaches. Just remember to make time for a book or two, alright?

Book pick: This Splintered Silence by Kayla Olson
Reason: For your month of wisdom in action a story about a girl unexpectedly forced into a leadership position. Can she rise to the challenge despite never having captained a ship before, the threat of a mysterious and deadly contagion, and the possibility of a murderer onboard their space station?

Epic Reads Horoscopes: Aquarius


January 20 – February 18
Keywords: Imagination, creativity, expansion
October was all about welcoming things and people from the past back into your life. Now you’re ready to stop focusing on the past and embrace…your imagination. It will be *quite* active this month, Aquarius, from vivid dreams to INTENSE mid-class fantasies. Instead of completely losing touch with reality, the stars suggest that you might be better off channeling that colorful imagination of yours into something equally vibrant. Maybe it’s time to throw yourself fully into art club, commit to a totally ambitious and amazing NaNoWriMo project, or bake a truly amazing Thanksgiving dessert spread complete with painted squash and 🎃pumpkin🎃 macarons. We can’t wait to see what you create.

Book pick: Empress of All Seasons by Emiko Jean
Reason: An edge-of-your-seat fantasy for your month of imagination. Each generation, girls compete to become Honoku’s next empress. Mari has spent a lifetime training for the competition, and hiding the monster she transforms into…a monster the emperor is determined to enslave. But when her life collides with the prince’s, the two will help decide the very fate of Honoku.

Epic Reads Horoscopes: Pisces


February 19 – March 20
Keywords: Uncertain, unexpected, uneven
You strove for focus in October, Pisces. And you’re going to have to hold onto that by the skin of your teeth in November. Because it’s going to be a *bit* of a rollercoaster, the stars are sorry to say. From the heights of hard-won energy to the depths of indecision and insecurity, this month is sure to be a doozy. But fear not, my bookish friend! Life is simply a series of hills and valleys, and you’re more than equipped to handle them with poise and even a little panache. Simply allow yourself to follow an ✨unexpected path✨ into a new opportunity.

Book pick: Your Own Worst Enemy by Gordon Jack
Reason: For when you’re feeling uncertain, here’s a book about three student body president candidates determined to win a title with a ton of responsibility but very little power. In a race more up in the air — and far more ruthless — than it has been in years, which candidate will sink the lowest to come out on top?


Epic Reads Horoscopes: Aries


March 21 – April 19
Keywords: Active, joyous, thoughtful
Last month was basically one big 🤗group hug🤗, huh Aries? We hope it filled you with the warm and fuzzies! Because the stars have quite the month in store for you. You’ll feel pulled between memories of the past, desires for the future, and the need for rest in the present. And while that may be anxiety-inducing for you, it really just means there is A LOT of good stuff in your life! Whether it’s finally letting go of past mistakes or creating a detailed five-year plan while taking a relaxing bubble bath, this month is sure to be filled with activity, remembrance, and lots of tea.

Book pick: Four Three Two One by Courtney Stevens
Reason: Talk about being pulled between the past, present, and future. Go Jennings survived a deadly bus crash that cost nineteen people their lives. It’s been nearly a year, but Go still feels stuck in that day. When she talks to another survivor, she thinks she can begin to heal. But things are never easy when it comes to healing.


Epic Reads Horoscopes: Taurus


April 20 – May 20
Keywords: Communicate, confess, cleanse
You were quite productive last month, Taurus! And we hope you found some balance despite all the work the world threw at you. November will be less about finding balance and more about…opening up. Think of this as an opportunity to 👋release👋 something that’s been REALLY bothering you. Maybe somebody borrowed a book and never gave it back, but it’s likely something less serious than that. Needless to say, it’s been a turbulent year, and there might be ~something~ that’s been building up inside you. Now is your time to get rid of that bad stuff! Or at least get perspective on things. Maybe it isn’t as bad as you thought. Maybe it’s worse. But one things is for sure: you’ll never know by letting it continue to bottle up inside you.

Book pick: Mammoth by Jill Baguchinsky
Reason: For some courage to speak up about something that’s been bothering you, a story about a plus-size fashion blogger and paleontology geek whose hero turns out to be anything but. Will Natalie find the confidence to let her true self shine even if it means defying all the rules?


Epic Reads Horoscopes: Gemini


May 21 – June 20
Keywords: Relationships, commitments, balance
Slow and steady won the race last month. In November, things will be piling up for you, Gemini: tasks, feelings, social obligations. Lots and lots of social obligations, from that school dance to Thanksgiving dinner, volunteer work to Friendsgiving. Instead of getting fed up by socializing TOO much or feeling overwhelmed and just canceling it ALL, let yourself look within to find out what you *really* need. And when you do become the 🦋social butterfly🦋 we know you can be, give yourself 100% to the present moment, knowing that when your ‘me’ time rolls around you’ll be able to enjoy it without guilt.

Book pick: Girls of Paper and Fire by Natasha Ngan
Reason: When November starts to feel like too much and your ‘me’ time is calling, here’s a lush Asian-inspired fantasy full of forbidden romance, self-empowerment, and survival. Follow Lei — a consort in training — as she throws off the yoke of oppression to seek love, justice, and revenge.


Epic Reads Horoscopes: Cancer


June 21 – July 22
Keywords: Clarity, action, enthusiasm
October was all about channeling your insecurity into something more productive. In November, continue down that path of action, because you’re going to be sporting seemingly ENDLESS amounts of energy and enthusiasm for the things you love. Whether it’s celebrating Book Lovers Day to methodically researching Black Friday deals, organizing the Thanksgiving dessert menu to heading to the polls for your first election, this will be a month of 💎clarity💎 for you, Cancer. So hold steady, my crabby friend. Your hard work is paying off.

Book pick: Hide With Me by Sorboni Banerjee
Reason: As you find your own clarity this month, read a book about friendship, first love, and the fight for a brighter future. When Cade finds a mysterious girl broken and bleeding in the cornfields of his family’s farm in Texas, he does what she asks: hides her. As she heals, the two fall in love and the truth about her violent past unravels.


Epic Reads Horoscopes: Leo


July 23 – August 22
Keywords: Energy, friendship, spontaneity
Last month you hit the brakes and coasted through early fall. Thanks to a month of taking it easy, you’re now ready to speed through November. Gear up for a month of energy, fun, and friends, Leo. Whether it’s traveling for Thanksgiving or hosting an impromptu 🔥Guy Fawkes Day🔥 party, the stars suggest you’ll be celebrating in style. Friendships gone stale may soon get a breath of fresh air thanks to your ABUNDANCE of energy, and projects left untouched may finally get finished after a vivid dream and an extra dash of creativity. Wherever this month takes you, you’re sure to get there quickly and enjoy the journey to boot.

Book pick: The Color of Lies by C.J. Lyons
Reason: For your month of energy and friendship, a world full of color and mystery. Ella has always been good at reading people, thanks to her synesthesia. But she can’t read Alec. He makes her feel normal for the first time in her life. Until he reveals a truth about her family, one that turns her world upside down.


Epic Reads Horoscopes: Virgo


August 23 – September 22
Keywords: Proactive, kind, communicative
Last month you battled against your more paranoid tendencies as you dove into a brave new world of change, Virgo. In November, you’ll experience *quite* the ricochet effect, flinging from suspicion to magnanimity with whiplash-inducing speed. The stars suggest you TAKE IT EASY. The month will be stressful enough with school and Thanksgiving and holiday shopping…no need to add any tasks to the mix. Instead, lean into your relationships. Maybe this is the month to start a family book club, or text that friend from camp you lost touch with during the chaos of a new school year, or to pay it forward by volunteering at the local 🐕animal🐕 shelter. With a positive outlook, you’ll bring joy and peace into your life and the lives of those around you.

Book pick: This Is What It Feels Like by Rebecca Barrow
Reason: A raw but tender story of friends, music and ferocious love for your month of kindness and generosity. Dia and Jules fell out of Hanna’s life — and their band — when her drinking took over. But with a contest and fifteen grand on the line, can the once inseparable trio ignore the past to start their future?


Epic Reads Horoscopes: Libra


September 23 – October 22
Keywords: Peace, pride, passion
Last month you embraced self-confidence and refocused on your passions. In November, all that mental and emotional activity will give way to a sense of peace and harmony. You’re feeling proud of yourself, and that’s TOTALLY deserved! Now the stars are urging you to keep moving forward. New possibilities are on the horizon, and the best way to bring them closer is to go after them yourself. That could be committing to NaNoWriMo, joining a new team or club, or asking that certain someone out for coffee. Whatever path you choose to walk, do it with a strut in your step and peace in your 💖heart.💖

Book pick: That Night by Amy Giles
Reason: A story about moving forward with love and courage, for your month of passion and peace. A year has passed since tragedy struck the community where Jess and Lucas live, impacting them both in deeply personal ways. When their paths cross at an after-school job, they start to fall in love and to heal.

*Illustrations by Delaney Gibbons

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