Here’s Your Bookish Horoscope for April!


Here’s Your Bookish Horoscope for April!

April Horoscope: Banner

We bet you’re tired of thinking and choosing and ready to get back to just doing. We feel you, book nerds. We lived through March, too, you know!

Well, the stars are here to say “you’re in luck!” April will be a month of forward progress. Of action. Of, dare we say it, success? If that wasn’t enough good news for you, April is also set up to be a month of connection and friendship and maybe even forgiveness.

And since there’s often no better friend than a book, we’ve picked out just the one for you.


Epic Reads April Horoscope


Epic Reads Horoscopes: Aries


March 21 – April 19
Keywords: Fresh, happy, novel

Last month you had many thoughts about who you were and what you wanted out of life. You may even have made some changes, you go-getter, you! Whether you have or haven’t acted on your introspective mood from March, it’s time to celebrate a brand new year of life in April. 🎂Happy Birthday to you, Aries!🎂 The stars sing you a nice little tune, granting you a peaceful first few weeks of the month. Take advantage of that quietness to start this new chapter of your life with a BANG. Maybe you’ll get a new haircut, a new pair of glasses, or even a new attitude. Whatever the case, we can’t wait to see what this new you will be and do!

Book pick: Love & Other Curses by Michael Thomas Ford
Reason: As you celebrate your birthday, a story about a boy with a birthday curse. If Sam Weyward falls in love before his seventeenth birthday, the person he loves will die. So he doesn’t intend to fall in love. But when a new guy comes to town, Sam finds himself in trouble. Can he get to the bottom of the curse before time runs out?


Epic Reads Horoscopes: Taurus


April 20 – May 20
Keywords: Forward, fluid, unstructured

You put the work in and got rewarded for your efforts in March, Taurus. April promises to be much less intense. And a bit less…structured. Which we know might be hard for you. But this is a month of intangibles. Of going beyond the mundane and routine. Of embracing your TRUE potential by stepping away from the details and to-do lists and shoulds and musts to find the wants and loves and needs. Sometimes the best way to make a breakthrough is just to go with the 🌊flow 🌊. So why don’t you see where April wants to take you? The universe has your back.

Book pick: Since We Last Spoke by Brenda Rufener
Reason: Maybe you’ll find the answers to your April in the pages of a book? Like this one about Aggi and Max, who had finally admitted their feelings for each other…until a car accident put their love story on hold. But when they reunite at a lake house one year later, they begin to rebuild their broken relationship. Until Aggi’s little sister runs away from home…


Epic Reads Horoscopes: Gemini


May 21 – June 20
Keywords: Active, anxious, animated

Last month you probably felt a little bit like an octopus, your mind and body reaching and grasping for too many things. This month the feeling of being overstretched will continue, with your mind and heart battling each other for dominance. Don’t blame us, blame the stars! But they do have some advice for you, Gemini: channel that anxiety and inner torment into physical activity. Go for a swim if you’re lucky enough to live somewhere where it’s *actually* warm enough to do so, do some yoga if you’re still trapped inside because of yet another “winter storm”, or just get really into this year’s 🐰Easter Egg Hunt🐰. However you choose to expend your extra energy, we trust you’ll make a friend along the way.

Book pick: The First True Thing by Claire Needell
Reason: When your head and your heart are at war, here’s a story about a girl who finds herself in a similar conundrum. Only with more dire consequences. Two weeks after a drunken bike accident, Marcelle is sober and distanced from her user friends. Until she gets a text from Hannah, asking Marcelle to cover for her. Marcelle gives in, but then Hannah goes missing. Will Marcelle come clean to save her friend?


Epic Reads Horoscopes: Cancer


June 21 – July 22
Keywords: Indulge, learn, share

You stood in the spotlight last month, Cancer. And you nailed EVERY minute of your performance, you happy crab, you. This month, the stars urge you to continue putting yourself out there. But they also warn that you’ll be feeling kinda raw…emotionally. But not to worry. All you’ll need to do to release those *extra* feelings in a healthy way is to indulge your curiosity! Have any burning questions or lingering ideas? This is the month to see where those take you. Do some journaling, read every book you can find on the subject, stroll through the park to think and ponder, share your newfound knowledge (ahem, obsession) with the world. You never know where the 🌱seed🌱 of an idea may take you! We can’t wait to see what you uncover.

Book pick: Monday’s Not Coming by Tiffany D. Jackson
Reason: For intense inspiration on delving into your own obsessions, a story about a missing girl and her friend’s quest to find her. When Monday goes missing, only Claudia seems to notice. Digging deeper, she discovers that nobody even remembers the last time they saw her. How can Monday have just vanished?


Epic Reads Horoscopes: Leo


July 23 – August 22
Keywords: Friendship, community, exploration

You were feeling a little vulnerable last month, weren’t you Leo? Well, the stars have a couple of ideas for how you can bounce back into the cheerful lion we know and 🥰love🥰. And it all starts with this: friendship. April will be all about exploring how your relationships can have a larger impact on your dreams, and how going after YOUR dreams can have a positive impact on the WORLD. That sounds like a tall order, but it takes a village, after all. Keep an eye out for new friends, lean into old ones, and use the energy you get from both to follow your dreams. By the end of the month, you’ll be feeling more playful and ambitious than ever.

Book pick: The Field Guide to the North American Teenager by Ben Philippe
Reason: As you embrace your community this month, a book about a black French Canadian having to build his own community in the Texas heat. Norris doesn’t see people beyond their labels. Until those stereotypes become actual humans with real friendship potential. Can he get past his opinions and start living his life with the people who have found their way into his heart?


Epic Reads Horoscopes: Virgo


August 23 – September 22
Keywords: Balance, perfection, vulnerability

March was all about both internal and external change with a dash of chaos and a sprinkling of transformation. In April, you’ll be harnessing your energies to find a balance between school AND fun. On the one hand, you’ll be more productive if you work alone. But on the other, you’ll be craving connection with others, seeking to put yourself out there in ways you *normally* shy away from. Embrace that inner turmoil, Virgo! At school, be the perfectionist we know you are. But in the rest of your life? Be prepared to be a 🦋social butterfly🦋. That might feel a little uncomfortable at first. But you deserve the attention, and you never know what a bit of vulnerability can do in the long run…

Book pick: The Meaning Of Birds by Jaye Robin Brown
Reason: When you’re craving control over your life but wondering what—and who—else might be out there, here’s a book about a grieving girl who’s thrown her full focus into her work-study program. Until she makes an unexpected new friend and begins to heal her broken heart.


Epic Reads Horoscopes: Libra


September 23 – October 22
Keywords: Risk, reward, refocus

Last month was a mess of questions without answers and choices without guarantees. After an overwhelming March, you’re ready to say “enough is enough” in April. You’re ready, Libra, to take a few risks. Maybe you’re expanding your horizons this summer with an exciting internship. Perhaps a friend from your past will re-emerge to become 💖more-than-friend💖 material. Or maybe you’re just ready to be more vocal with your family about what you need and want, clearing the air and creating more space for YOU in what has increasingly become a cluttered life. Whatever the case may be, this month will bring more harmony and the balance you’re always craving back into your life. Good luck!

Book pick: Midnight at the Electric by Jodi Lynn Anderson
Reason: As you prepare to take a few risks in life, a book about a girl who has to sacrifice all she loves to save the person she loves most. The fates of three characters are woven together in this beautiful story told over the course of three times periods and thousands of miles.


Epic Reads Horoscopes: Scorpio


October 23 – November 21
Keywords: Success, celebration, gratitude

Last month was intense. We hope a good 📚book📚 or two helped you get through that emotional chaos, Scorpio! The inner turmoil that led to thoughtful action is about to pay off in April! Get ready for some good news. Maybe you’ll make it off the waitlist for the college of your dreams. Perhaps you’ll finally win a book from a Goodreads giveaway. Or possibly you’ll CRUSH that twenty-page Shakespeare research paper you’ve been feverishly working on for a month. Whatever the case, the stars are here to remind you of two things: take some time to enjoy your achievements but don’t get so caught up in the moment that you lose sight of the work still ahead of you. May is coming, and you never know what else the cosmos have in store…

Book pick: Dreaming Darkly by Caitlin Kittredge
Reason: Why don’t you celebrate your successful month with a good book? Like this one about Ivy Bloodgood, a mysterious island off the New England coast, and long-held family secrets that just might be the death of Ivy.


Epic Reads Horoscopes: Sagittarius


November 22 – December 21
Keywords: Connection, charisma, compassion

You got a lesson in patience from the universe last month, Sagittarius. Now you’re ready to 🚀blast🚀 forward again with non-stop energy… and to bring your friends and family and maybe even some lucky strangers along for the ride! This month will be ALL about the people in your life and the feelings in your heart. You’ll be meeting new friends, making peace with old frenemies, and deepening relationships with those closest to you. This is a chance for you to step up onto the stage of life, to be the biggest version of you-you can be, and to love EVERY minute of it. The stars predict many a hug in your April future. Lucky you!

Book pick: An Anatomy of Beasts by Oliva A. Cole
Reason: It’s been forty years since the Vagantur landed on Faloiv. The planet has existed in peace. Until Octavia uncovers shadowy secrets about the Council’s new leader. Like you, she’ll have to rely on her friends and her ability to communicate through a network called the Artery if she hopes (unlike you) to save her people.


Epic Reads Horoscopes: Capricorn


December 22 – January 19
Keywords: Busy, busy, busy

You embraced your secret passions last month and maybe even went after them for the first time ever. Go you! In April, “real” life comes calling. Between school work and after-school work and band and Student Council and Spanish club and prom and ugh ALL OF IT, you barely have time to 😴sleep😴 let alone chase your dreams or hang out with your squad. To combat that sense of imbalance in your life, the stars suggest you engage in a few spontaneous adventures with your favorite people when you have the chance. An unscheduled trip to your favorite bookstore or a quick road trip to see (insert local landmark here) or even a surprise dessert night with your mom can go a long way toward finding some joy. Enjoy!

Book pick: The Red Scrolls of Magic by Cassandra Clare and Wesley Chu
Reason: Speaking of an adventure with your favorite people… All Magnus Bane wanted was a lavish trip with Alec Lightwood. But as soon as they settle in Paris, they get news about a demon-worshiping cult that Magnus started (as a joke) years ago. Getaway ruined, they’ll have to dodge demons and their own secrets on their quest for answers about the new leader of this now dangerous cult.


Epic Reads Horoscopes: Aquarius


January 20 – February 18
Keywords: Enthusiasm, creativity, faith

Last month you realized that your future rested in your hands. It was a month of action. Of bravery. Of risk. We’re *so* proud of all you accomplished! Now on to April, a month of follow-through and achievement. Contrary to your own negative self-talk (it can get the best of all us), the 🌟stars🌟 are here to show you that you have EVEN MORE courage and enthusiasm available to you, Aquarius. And an abundance of creativity, too! Be ready for some pleasant surprises in the forms of new ideas, new friends, and maybe even a gift or two. Just remember that you’re on a quest for meaning and purpose, not a quest for stuff and status. With the right mindset and enough faith, you’ll be sure to burst through into May with passion and determination.

Book pick: Through the White Wood by Jessica Leake
Reason: As you embrace the power of your passions, a book about a girl who must embrace her power rather than fear it. Katya can freeze anything she touches, making her an outcast. Until she meets Prince Sasha, who can summon fire. Will their powers be enough to fight off an army of people who can control the very earth?


Epic Reads Horoscopes: Pisces


February 19 – March 20
Keywords: Energy, productivity, progress

In March we bet you experienced some kind of breakthrough, feeling of renewal, or at the very least you celebrated yourself! Now it’s time to put ALL that positive energy to productive use, Pisces. If March was the spark, then April is the fire. This month bodes well for things like spring cleaning (your mom will thank you), declaring a major or picking a college, or even making some quirky new friends (or a more than friend…). Wherever the 🌬winds 🌬 of fate lead you, make sure you’re allowing yourself to explore and get comfortable with your new surroundings. Because when you feel good, good things happen. And that’s really all the stars want for you this month.

Book pick: Wicked Saints by Emily A. Duncan
Reason: Just like in your life, the scales in this story are about to tip. Only instead of tipping in your favor, they’re tipping toward either dark or light. A girl, and prince, and a boy with a monstrous secret find their paths entwined in the midst of a centuries-long war of magic and religion.


*Illustrations by Delaney Gibbons

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