Here’s Your Bookish Horoscope for March!


Here’s Your Bookish Horoscope for March!

Here's Your Bookish Horoscope for October!

Forward. Backward. Upward. Downward. The world will be pulling you in SO MANY directions, you book nerd, you. But fear not, the stars have an idea for staying grounded amidst a whirlwind of choice: stick to the things that give you joy. Depending on your state of mind in this intense month, that might be easier said than done.

So we thought of a few things to get you started: books, puppies, Instagram, fashion, art, flowers, traveling…

And for a little extra inspiration, we’ve picked out a book just for you.


Epic Reads March Horoscopes


Epic Reads Horoscopes: Pisces


February 19 – March 20
Keywords: Celebrate, release, renew

Last month you joyously threw yourself into a whirlwind of activity. We hope you took some time to stop and breathe in that new book smell, too! March is your birthday month (or we just missed it!), which makes it a month of YOU. And a month of new. And to round out this rhyme, it’s time for a breakthrough. You’ll be shrugging off the baggage of last year and donning a relaxed, revitalized, fearless attitude. This is the time to break the cycle. So what bridges do you want to 🔥burn🔥 away to reveal your next epic path?

Book pick: Other Words for Smoke by Sarah Maria Griffin
Reason: Speaking of burning…When the house at the end of the lane burned down, the town never learned what happened. And Mae never let on she knew the truth. Because lurking behind its walls was a deadly power, one that wanted a taste of Mae. A taste it just might get when Mae returns three years later.


Epic Reads Horoscopes: Aries


March 21 – April 19
Keywords: Reflect, react, restart

You were so zen in February, Aries! Or at least, you tried to be. The stars suggest you keep chanting “om” as you dive headfirst into March. Yet ANOTHER month of transformation is upon you. This time, the changes will be rooted in the very essence of your being. The cosmos urge you to rethink what you know about yourself. Maybe you’ve been a fantasy junky and are ready to open your mind to contemporary. Maybe you planned on taking Spanish and realize Sign Language is more you. Maybe you were considering crossing the country for college, but now admit that you’d rather be close to home. Whatever 💎gem💎 of knowledge you glean, run with it! Run far and run fast, straight into the sunset and your birthday.

Book pick: The Queen’s Rising by Rebecca Ross
Reason: As you think about ways to reinvent yourself, a book about a girl who thought she was destined to be one thing and ended up something else altogether. Brienna had dedicated herself to her passion in the hopes of gaining a patron. But her patronage ends up being a bit more than she bargained for.


Epic Reads Horoscopes: Taurus


April 20 – May 20
Keywords: Mission, momentum, moxie

You dove head first into the intensity of February. March will be less about your emotions, and more about your mind and your mission. Things are going to click for you this month, Taurus. Good news may abound. But, the stars are here to remind you, only if you put in the effort and positivity you expect to get out. If you hope to ace that project, go the extra mile. If you want to crush the (P)SAT, take those flashcards with you wherever you go. If you want to make the 👯‍♀️Pom Squad👯‍♀️, dance your little bull heart out! This is a month of YOU, so be ready to tune in and turn out for every minute of it.

Book pick: Sherwood by Meagan Spooner
Reason: As you zero in on your March mission, a book about Maid Marian and her urge to protect the people of Locksley town from the Sheriff of Nottingham. Robin is dead and Marian never meant to tread in his footsteps. But a hero is needed, and Marian is ready to be one—for her town and for herself.


Epic Reads Horoscopes: Gemini


May 21 – June 20
Keywords: Impulse, energy, expression

Last month you indulged your curiosity. This month your mind will be racing a million miles an hour, latching on to first one idea then another and another and another and…you get the picture. But more than thinking, you’ll be acting on your impulses. And that’s where you might get yourself into trouble, Gemini. To combat this overabundance of mental energies and brash decision-making, the stars suggest you find a more *peaceful* way to express yourself. Maybe it’s through poetry, 💃dance💃, or painting. Maybe it’s through napping! Or running! Or reading! Whatever brings you joy and gives you distance from your racing mind. But we’ll leave it for you to decide…

Book pick: The Fever King by Victoria Lee
Reason: Like Noam, you’ll have to channel your thoughts and impulses into something that matters this month. The sole survivor of a viral magic that killed his family, Noam now has the ability to control technology. Thrust into the magical elite he’ll find himself caught between his purpose and his heart. Which will he choose?


Epic Reads Horoscopes: Cancer


June 21 – July 22
Keywords: Brave, kind, happy

You spoke your truth in February, Cancer. You let yourself be yourself 100%, and isn’t that a *beautiful* thing? Let that powerful feeling push you through March with compassion and motivation. This is a month for you to SHINE. To stand in the spotlight and let the world see the amazing human being you are! Maybe you’re sharing your writing with a friend for the first time, or you’ve just gotten a job as a tutor, or your teacher volunteered you for a special project. Do it! Even if that might make you a little uncomfortable. The more you let yourself be seen, the happier you’ll be in your own skin. And that’s a happiness that makes you 🌟glow🌟. That attracts positivity and kindness and joy. And we could all use a little more of that in our lives, right?

Book pick: Heroine by Mindy McGinnis
Reason: As you practice bravery and compassion, the story of a girl who’ll have to do just that. Mickey was a star softball catcher. Until a car accident shattered her hip. Now she’s hurting, dreams destroyed. And a little white pill can make it all better. But as the pressure on her heightens, her desire for pills spirals out of control.


Epic Reads Horoscopes: Leo


July 23 – August 22
Keywords: Vulnerable, mindful, receptive

You bared your soul to the people closest to you last month, sharing your wants and needs while respecting theirs. Keep that warm, fuzzy feeling of being known close to your heart in March. You’re bound to feel a little more anxious and lot more affectionate. Old problems will rise up to greet you thanks to good ole’ Mercury retrograding. The stars suggest you combat this blast from the past with some mindfulness AND cuddling. Be aware of that nasty negative self-talk tendency, be prepared to ask yourself “do I need to let this bother me?” and write about the things that you think are holding you back. By the time April rolls around, your 🦁leonine head🦁 will be in a good place once more.

Book pick: The Universal Laws of Marco by Carmen Rodrigues
Reason: Speaking of a blast from the past…In the summer before eighth grade, Marco kissed his best friend Sally. Since then, whenever he’s thought about that moment, he’s traveled through a wormhole —kinda—to relive that kiss. But then Sally left without ever saying why. Until she returns senior year…


Epic Reads Horoscopes: Virgo


August 23 – September 22
Keywords: Chaos, change, control

Last month you basked in the small things that make life grand. March will be less about the details and more about the big picture. Be prepared for a TUMULTUOUS month, Virgo! Some of that will be because of external circumstances: maybe you get a *terrible* grade on the English paper, or you’re swamped with prom committee duties or that hour you lost with daylight savings time really messed you up. But beyond that…this will be a month of internal chaos, too. Sorry about that! The stars suggest you organize a bit of rest into your schedule. A quick nap or a meditation session or a chapter a day can keep the nightmares at bay until you make it through to April at last.

Book pick: Opposite of Always by Justin A. Reynolds
Reason: When you can’t deal with March’s chaos, a book to help you re-center. Jack is the King of Almost. Almost valedictorian. Almost varsity. When he fell for Kate it was almost a happy ending. But she died. When Jack gets a chance to re-do that happy time all over again, will he take it, even if it means risking the life of someone else he loves?


Epic Reads Horoscopes: Libra


September 23 – October 22
Keywords: Question, shift, evolve

You let loose in February and don’t you feel better for it, Libra? And hopefully a little more flexible, too, because you’re about to be pulled in two different directions. Maybe more! Sorry! You’ll be re-evaluating EVERYTHING. Questioning old decisions. Changing your mind. Throwing your 🤷‍♀️hands in the air🤷‍♀️. Expect this month to feel like a rather confused awakening. A chance to recognize old patterns and break them. To nip that negative self-talk in the bud. Maybe not for good, and maybe not forever. But big changes start with small steps. So whether you’re pulled back into something good, or pushed forward into something fresh, trust the stars to guide your way. And bring a book with you, just in case!

Book pick: If You’re Out There by Katy Loutzenhiser
Reason: When something doesn’t feel right this month, question it. Just like Zan. When her friend Priya moves to California, Zan is baffled when her emails go unanswered. She knows something is wrong. So when Priya’s social media presence reveals some disturbing new clues, Zan begins to question everything.


Epic Reads Horoscopes: Scorpio


October 23 – November 21
Keywords: Intense, introspective, visionary

You attempted to take it easy in February, and we hope you’ve arrived in March feeling more centered and relaxed as a result. This month will be all about your mind. About your future. About your vision. But, you know, #mercuryretrogade. So to combat that, the 💫stars💫 are asking you to think forward, but act slowly. March is a month of turbulence, of intensity, of powerful change. Rushing forward into that might not be in your best interest. Instead, you’d be better served curling up in your favorite chair and opening up a new book while the thoughts and plans and wants whirl within you. Once they settle and your mind is as clear as a crisp spring day, then you’ll be ready to take action. But until then, just one more chapter.

Book pick: The Pioneer by Bridget Tyler
Reason: A book to help you think forward as you sit back. Jo is a pioneer on a new planet, Tau Ceti e. The journey there was fraught with disaster, events that weigh upon Jo as she helps establish a new community. And when a devastating secret is revealed, the fate of the pioneers rests with her. Will she let the truth destroy them all?


Epic Reads Horoscopes: Sagittarius


November 22 – December 21
Keywords: Accept, learn, grow

You directed your energy with laser focus in February, and look how much you accomplished, Sagittarius! Go you! In March, be prepared for your progress to stutter just a bit. This is your warning from the stars! But also a reminder that it’s okay to 🐌slow down🐌. After all, even heroes need to rest sometimes. So instead of getting frustrated by your apparent plateau or potential step backward, look at it as a chance to learn. Growth can happen in the unlikeliest of ways, after all. Maybe March just has something *extra* special to teach you. Are you willing to listen?

Book pick: Girls with Sharp Sticks by Suzanne Young
Reason: As you fight against what appear to be obstacles in your path this month, a story about the perceived quest for perfection for the young ladies of The Girls of Innovation Academy. Sometimes it takes uncovering a dark truth to show you the light.


Epic Reads Horoscopes: Capricorn


December 22 – January 19
Keywords: Lucky, advantageous, passionate

You worked hard for the things that were important to you last month, Capricorn. And that diligence is about to pay off in the form of some real, and *really* good, luck. The stars suggest you take FULL advantage of that, you old sea goat, you! Have a think about what makes you happy. Maybe it’s writing, or running, or traveling, or singing. Whatever it is, do more of that! Even if it’s not practical. You never know what a passion may turn into, after all. But you first need to give yourself permission to 🤗embrace🤗 something that others think might be silly. It’s your life and your dream! So go after it.

Book pick: The Truth About Keeping Secrets by Savannah Brown
Reason: If reading happens to be one of the passions you intend to embrace in March, here’s a page-turning high school thriller set in a small Ohio town.


Epic Reads Horoscopes: Aquarius


January 20 – February 18
Keywords: Passion, change, risk

You celebrated life in February, Aquarius. In March you’ll be tasked with turning that enthusiasm into ACTION. It’s not enough to want things. You have to go after them, as well. We know you’re not a big fan of change, but if you want life to be even better than it already is? Well, you’re going to have to do something about it. Whether that’s getting into college, finding a date to the prom, or winning that basketball game, your 🔮future🔮 lies in your hands. What are you willing to risk for the promise of a new beginning?

Book pick: We Set the Dark on Fire by Tehlor Kay Mejia
Reason: As you contemplate your #lifegoals, a book about feminism, freedom, and family to get you fired up. Daniela Vargas is about to graduate from the distinguished Medio School for Girls at the top of her class. But Dani is hiding something. When the truth comes out, will she cling to privilege or fight for freedom?


*Illustrations by Delaney Gibbons

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