Here’s Your Bookish Horoscope for November!


Here’s Your Bookish Horoscope for November!

Here's Your October 2019 Horoscope!

November will find you manifesting stuff all over the place! For some of you, the month will be as delicious as pumpkin pie, while others will find it far easier to manifest drama instead of delicacies.

Welcome to Scorpio season, book nerds. Oh yeah, and did we mention Mercury retrograde, too? Sorry…

To honor a month of increasingly darker days and a season of change and transformation, we’ve cooked up some helpful recipes for the month ahead. Read on for some advice from the stars, and the perfect book just for you.


Epic Reads November Horoscopes


Epic Reads Horoscopes: Aries


March 21 – April 19

Keywords: Vulnerable, courageous, deep

You floated through October on a pink cloud of positivity, attempting to stay grounded but feeling like maybe you’d pass on doing stuff for a month, thank you very much. November finds you skipping straight past grounded and digging ~deep~ beneath the metaphorical 🌎earth🌎.

You’ll be plumbing the depths of your soul, Aries. Wow! That makes for some interesting conversations.

As long as you’re willing to make yourself vulnerable, face your fears, and embrace your power. So, no big deal, right? The cosmos will be there, pushing you onward, upward and into all those other good directions. See ya on the other side!

Book pick: Our Year in Love and Parties by Karen Hattrup

Reason: Check out this poignant, funny, romantic novel that takes place over four nights of epic partying in the course of one unforgetting year for some inspiration on facing your fears and letting yourself be vulnerable.


Epic Reads Horoscopes: Taurus


April 20 – May 20

Keywords: Angst, unrest, independence

You were feeling *pretty* great last month, but also tried to stay in tune with the feelings of others. What a nice friend you are, Taurus.

This month, the stars have a strong warning for you: fly under the radar. There’s bound to be a lot of tension in your relationships. Some of it real, but a lot of it in your head. This whole year you’ve been chasing freedom and independence, and November finds you craving that even MORE, and maybe seeing some of the people in your life as barriers to that freedom. Instead of indulging your angst, ride it out. And blame the 🌝moon🌝!

See you when the coast is more clear…

Book pick: Winterwood by Shea Enrshaw

Reason: When you’re tempted to dig up some dirt on somebody else…don’t. Read this book, instead. The woods that surround Fir Haven are said to be haunted. But Nora knows the truth. When she stumbles upon a boy who should be dead, she begins to unearth secrets others would have preferred she left buried.


Epic Reads Horoscopes: Gemini


May 21 – June 20

Keywords: Harmony, gratitude, wisdom

You paid it forward all through October. What a good pal you are! In fact, you liked it so much you realized doing good is a reward all its own. You’re like, SO wise now. Keep up that karmic momentum, Gemini!

Because as you lend a helping hand to the people most important to you (maybe dad needs help with his ambitious turkey recipe), the universe will be lending helping hand in return. Even if sometimes it doesn’t feel like it, the stars are urging you to push on and not give up. It’ll all be worth it when you hold court over a harmonious Thanksgiving table. And then take a good long 😴nap😴, because you deserve it.

Book pick: The How and the Why by Cynthia Hand

Reason: For your relationship-focused month, here’s a poignant book about family and the ties that bind.


Epic Reads Horoscopes: Cancer


June 21 – July 22

Keywords: Transform, create, complete

Last month you eased up on the level of effort you put into things and tried to just have fun. Now that you’ve relaxed into a more organic ebb and flow, be ready for a 🌊stronger tide🌊 as life pulls you out into the open ocean. And know that you’re ready to swim with the big fishies, little crab.

This month is transformative.

If you were a caterpillar you’d turn into a butterfly. But you’re not, so your transformation will probably be more nebulous and symbolic. With Mercury in retrograde, you might find yourself completing some creative projects, revisiting an old hobby and breathing fresh life into it, or maybe exploring a new passion you’d NEVER considered before. Basically, you’re gonna crush it this month. Get it, Cancer.

Book pick: A Constellation of Roses by Miranda Asebedo

Reason: Speaking of transformations… When Trix gets caught pickpocketing, she’s sent to live with her long-lost family in Kansas. She’s determined not to stay long but finds there’s something special about her relatives. Will she take a new chance on life? Or keep running from the one she’s always known?


Epic Reads Horoscopes: Leo


July 23 – August 22

Keywords: Experimental, adventurous, cerebral

You resisted your judgier tendencies in October by turning to the things you love most. Probably books, right?

November finds you craving some 🧠intellectual🧠 adventure. Expect to be curled up on the couch catching up on that TBR pile, researching molecular gastronomy for a Thanksgiving dessert your family will NEVER forget (hopefully in a good way), or rearranging your bedroom according to the principles of feng shui.

This is just the stars reminding you that life can be full of experimentation and that you don’t need to go very far to have fun. Enjoy, Leo!

Book pick: The Call of Death by R.J. Garcia

Reason: Here’s a book to keep that adventurous brain of yours occupied. Hannah Priestly crashes into a terrifying future, one in which she knows the name of an infamous serial killer. And unless she and her three male friends can change fate, she also knows the serial killer will attack her, too.


Epic Reads Horoscopes: Virgo


August 23 – September 22

Keywords: Brave, bold, bright

You examined your insecurities last month, and while that was mighty uncomfortable, it was good for you, too. Because it propelled you into a new level of self-awareness. Just in time for a month of spontaneity and experimentation. Two things you *desperately* need right now.

Maybe you spend so much time thinking about what you want to say that you miss your chance to speak up, or perhaps you’re just not connecting with your friends the way you used to. The stars are here to encourage you to find your 🎤voice🎤, trust your gut, and strengthen your squad along the way. So be BRAVE, Virgo! The Thanksgiving table could be the ultimate test of just how far you’ve come…

Book pick: The Never Tilting World by Rin Chupeco

Reason: When you’re in need of some bold and brave inspiration, look no further than this story about a world ruled by goddesses that has been split in two, and the twins separated at birth that are destined to reunite it.


Epic Reads Horoscopes: Libra


September 23 – October 22

Keywords: Action, priority, passion

October was basically AMAZING. Good on you, Libra. Your outlook for November continues to be *pretty* easy, breezy. Which leaves you with two options: enjoy the moment, or seize the day.

Always with the choices, you scale, you.

Well, the cosmos are aligned to push you past your typical indecision and into action. What that action is, though, is up to you. Maybe you want to take charge of the Thanksgiving 🥧pie🥧 sitch, NaNoWriMo the heck out of your novel, or finally master crow pose. Or even all three. November won’t know what happened by the time you’re done with it. Forward, march!

Book pick: A Kingdom for A Stage by Heidi Heilig

Reason: Talk about some tough choices… Caught in a war between the rebels and the invading colonizers, Jetta must make an impossible choice—save her people or protect her sanity. Check out this sequel to For A Muse of Fire.


Epic Reads Horoscopes: Scorpio


October 23 – November 21

Keywords: Power, celebration, manifestation

You neutralized some inner demons in October. Just in time for your birthday!

November is coming up ♏️Scorpio♏️ all around, and you’ll be feeling *pretty* powerful. But also, somehow, relaxed. You’ll be all like “yeah, I got this,” as you manifest things all over the place.

NaNoWriMo? Crushing it. Cute centerpieces for turkey day? NAILED it. History paper your friends are agonizing over? Did it in your sleep. The stars only caveat? You spread a little of that powerful energy around. Because the next year of your life is set to be all about relationships, and getting a head start now can’t hurt!

Happy birthday, Scorpio.

Book pick: Hate is Such a Strong Word by Sarah Ayoub

Reason: A powerful book for your powerful month. Sophia hates Monday mornings, but she hates being stereotyped more. But when a new guy at her school is alienated, Sophie will have to decide if she’d rather stay invisible or speak out.


Epic Reads Horoscopes: Sagittarius


November 22 – December 21

Keywords: Culmination, completion, retrospection

You trotted through October, spreading inspiration and goodwill left and right.

This month might feel like many different things are coming to a head ALL AT ONCE. Maybe you’re wrapping up a big school project, 🏁racing in a marathon🏁, or submitting your Early Decision college application. It’s exciting and nerve-wracking and maybe even deeply moving. And the stars want you to sit with those feelings. It’s the end of your personal year, after all.

What are you happiest about? What do you want most as you get closer to your birthday? How can you make that happen? Big questions, Sag. But, somehow, we know you’ll find the answers.

Book pick: Calling My Name by Liara Tamani

Reason: As you ask yourself some big questions, how about this book about important things? This unforgettable novel explores the universal struggles of growing up, battling family expectations, discovering a sense of self, and finding a unique voice.


Epic Reads Horoscopes: Capricorn


December 22 – January 19

Keywords: Great, golden, gorgeous

You kept it together by staying busy in October. November sees you taking a more active role in the direction of your life again. Hooray!

You’ll find yourself at the center of EVERYTHING, moving in sync with people who inspire you to bigger, better and more beautiful things. Maybe that’s by making a friend in art class, joining a new 👯‍♀️dance👯‍♀️ crew, or commiserating with a Twitter pal or two through the highs and lows of NaNoWriMo. And as you express yourself creatively this month, expect others to follow your example. Because that’s just the kind of person you are, Cap.

Onward and upward and straight into December!

Book pick: Into the Crooked Place by Alexandra Christo

Reason: A little bit of inspiration for your creative month! Four magical outsiders must come together to save their home and the world. But with enemies on all sides, they can trust nobody. Least of all each other.


Epic Reads Horoscopes: Aquarius


January 20 – February 18

Keywords: Influence, drama, revelation

Did you feel the helpful hand of fate escort you through October? If not, no biggie. It was there, Aquarius. It was there.

But… now it’s temporarily waved goodbye, leaving you to your own devices. And, potentially to deal with some major DRAMA, probably on the home or homework front. And probably over something you’ve been avoiding for a while now (#mercuryretrograde). But where you might feel the need to leap in and fix, fix, fix, the stars gently suggest you don’t. You’ll be much more influential as the calm voice of reason than as the 🐔chicken🐔 that lost its head. No pressure or anything. Good luck.

Book pick: Sisters of Shadow and Light by Sara B. Larson

Reason: Here’s something to retreat into during your potentially dramatic month: a timeless tale of sisterly love and powerful magic set in an abandoned citadel.


Epic Reads Horoscopes: Pisces


February 19 – March 20

Keywords: Wisdom, warmth, worldliness

October found you learning new things and developing untapped passions. In November, you’ll continue to expand your horizons.

The stars suggest you spend more time listening than talking, learning than teaching, and 😊ing than ☹ing. If you can heed their advice, wiser you shall be by the end of the month. The kind of wise that radiates outward, like a pebble dropped into a pond, or that 5G network everybody keeps talking about (for real, where is it?). And as you deepen your understanding of yourself, life, and what you want from it, you’ll begin to discover your place in the world. And inspire those around you to do the same.

We hope to be as wise as YOU someday, Pisces. Until then, we’ll just pretend.

Book pick: I Hope You Get This Message by Farah Naz Rishi

Reason: You may think that becoming wise in the course of the month is hard. But look! These characters face their truths and attempt to right their wrongs over the course of just seven days, with the end of the world bearing down upon them.

Must reads