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Vote in the Semi-Final Round of the 2019 *Book Shimmy* Awards!


Vote in the Semi-Final Round of the 2019 *Book Shimmy* Awards!

Vote in the Semi-Final Round of the 2018 *Book Shimmy* Awards!

Can we just say—we love y’all. There were so many nominations submitted for so many incredible books in this year’s *Book Shimmy* Awards, and it really just reminds us both of how powerful each book is and how enthusiastic and wonderful you are. These awards wouldn’t be what they are without you, and we’re so glad you’re here to celebrate another year of epic YA books with us!

Now, if we could kindly request a round of applause for all the authors and books that made it through. Here are the semi-finalists for the 2019 *Book Shimmy* Awards! If you missed it in our nominations guidelines, a book can only be nominated in two categories—so if it was nominated in more than that, it moved ahead in only the two categories it had the most votes for. And with only four spots available in each award’s final round, the fates of these books, dear readers, are back in your hands.

This round of the *Book Shimmy* Awards will run for nearly two weeks—until next Friday, December 13th—so make sure you spread the word! Click below (or here) to start voting!

Vote in the Semi-Final Round of the 2018 *Book Shimmy* Awards!


What are the *Book Shimmy* Awards?

If you couldn’t quite piece it together from above, the *Book Shimmy* Awards are an annual Epic Reads-run ceremony dedicated to honoring young adult titles. The awards are completely nominated by the community, voted on by the community, and guaranteed to be awesome, thanks to the community. They started way back in 2013! You can check out last year’s winners right here.

Oh, and don’t forget to vote for this year’s bonus award brought to you by Barnes & Noble—the Group Chat Award! Featuring books nominated by our Insiders, it’s for that book that really had you talking. Find out how to vote by going to your local Barnes & Noble (send us a pic & we’ll try to feature you!), or head directly to it here!


What were the rules for nominations?

  1. The book must be a young adult novel—sorry middle grade and adult fans!
  2. The book must have been published between January 1, 2019, and December 31, 2019 in the United States!
  3. When nominating books, please be particular about your favorites! Each book could only move on to the semifinals for a maximum of two categories! We wanted each vote to count, and every book deserves a chance.


Let the voting begin!

Click here to start voting for your favorite books! As we said above, this round ends on December 13th, so be sure to get your votes in by then.

The nominations will then be collected and the top four books in each category will move on to the final voting round, which will begin on Monday, December 16th! And seriously, from us to all of you, thank you so much for making this such another epic year in the YA community, and thank you in advance for nominating all your faves for everything we know they deserve.

Stay tuned to see which titles make it to the next round, and don’t forget to tell the world that you nominated a book with #BookShimmyAwards! Let’s get those voices heard!

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