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29 Things Only Hardcore Book Nerds Do



29 Things Only Hardcore Book Nerds Do

  1. Go through every single copy of a book in a store to find the best condition
  2. Undress and smell every single new hardcover you get your hands on
  3. Plan your entire day around reading a book
  4. Own tote bags dedicated to your favorite book, publisher and bookstore
  5. When someone says they can’t remember the name of the book but it has a blue cover you know EXACTLY which book they are talking about
  6. Know the differences between the film and movie versions
  7. Go to the library even though you have stacks of unread books at home
  8. Still buy books even though you have stacks of unread books at home
  9. Have a TBR pile taller than you
  10. Know what a first printing means and got mad when your edition isn’t a first printing
  11. Have definitely told people in a very nice way, “Go away. I’m reading.”
  12. Have more than one bookshelf and piles of books are everywhere in your home
  13. After you finished a book you really loved you spent hours reading through every review and article you could find about that book
  14. Never leave home without a book and backup e-books on your phone
  15. Obsessively update your reading progress on Goodreads
  16. Can name every single one of your favorite author’s books in the order they were published
  17. Follow more authors on Twitter than you do actual IRL friends
  18. Super calmly and gently yelled, “Be careful! It’s signed!” when someone touched your signed book
  19. Have a bookstagram account
  20. Have the e-book preordered so you can get it exactly at midnight and can start reading on your way to getting a physical copy of the book in the morning
  21. Name your inanimate objects after fictional characters. RIP Tris (the phone). Again.
  22. Casually re-arranged shelves at bookstores
  23. Casually recommend books to customers only to have them ask, “do you work here?”
  24. Found a way to incorporate books and reading into your workout routine
  25. Casually walked around a party until you found people talking about books and then promptly joined the conversation and took it over
  26. Whisper, “don’t worry I’ll keep you safe” to your books
  27. Cut off friendships because they never returned your book
  28. You don’t like to admit it but you totally judge other people by their book collections
  29. Read a list about 29 Things Only Hardcore Book Nerds Do

What hardcore thing do you do? What else should we add to this list? Tell us in the comments below!
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