6 Totally Legitimate Reasons Not To Finish A Book


6 Totally Legitimate Reasons Not To Finish A Book

Common book law implies that finishing a book is a widely accepted and undisputed practice among book lovers. On the whole, we agree. Each page of a book should be read equally and tenderly. But no legal system is perfect, and we believe that there are a few cases where it’s perfectly acceptable not to finish a book. So for those of you who have been discriminated against for choosing not to read the end, we’re here to legitimize you.

1. The Roller Coaster Effect

Do you ever wonder if an author is secretly a sadist hiding in a room with a typewriter, producing stories with the sole purpose of shredding your heart until it is but cheese to sprinkle on top of your Chipotle? Sometimes you’ve just had enough. The emotions that the book have put you through are overwhelming and you don’t think you can bring yourself to turn the page one more time, lest you die of the feels.

2. The writing is on the wall

You wish you’d never learned what “foreshadowing” meant back in English class. You’re freaking out because you know that something horrible is going to happen, that she should never have opened the letter, should never have believed her stepfather’s lies, should never have WHAT WHAT ARE YOU DOING WHY ARE YOU WALKING INTO THE ABANDONED SHIPYARD ARE YOU KIDDING ME TURN AROUND NOW GOD HELP ME

3. TBR Anxiety

Many readers suffer from this syndrome: the inability to finish a book because their to-be-read list is so long that they’re afraid they’ll never get through all of them.

4. Spoiled ending

If you look at the bylaws, spoiling the end of a book is should be punishable by swift decapitation. Relationships have been dissolved because of spoiled endings, and for good reason.

5. Jealousy

Everyone knows it’s completely valid to be in love with a fictional character. They come to represent the fulfillment of everything your heart has mourned for since you first watched Titanic, and YOU know that you’re soulmates. When this love gets a little too real, you may be better off stopping before you have to read the details of whatever petty romance the author has concocted for your lover.

6. Delusion

The ultimate reason not to finish a book: you’re just not ready for it to end. You’re invested, and a part of you thinks that if you put the book down now and never pick it up again, the story will never end. You are wrong, but you’re not alone. Dream on, booknerds.

Not finishing a book goes like this:


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