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7 Signs You Could Be the Next Symbol of a YA Rebellion


7 Signs You Could Be the Next Symbol of a YA Rebellion

Viva la YA revolution! So, if you’ve read a young adult book or two in your time, chances are you know a bit about rebellions. There’s always some unwitting nobody who ends up in the mix and one way or another becomes the symbol of a cause that’s so much bigger than them. And they have to accomplish all these life threatening tasks for the greater good of humanity when really they’d just rather be eating pizza and making out with Four.
It could happen to anyone really, even you.
And that’s why we put together this list, so that you could see the warning signs and either own up or jump ship before you find yourself face to face with the wo(man) whose rule you’re about to overthrow while they attempt to kill you.
So let’s get into it!

1.) You’re a prodigy of some sorts

Being super talented in general is basically like putting a giant X on your back. Whether you can scale walls like you’re Spiderman or solve a math problem in .00125 seconds, you’re drawing too much attention to yourself. Do less.
As read in: Legend, The Hunger Games

2.) You’re different from everyone else

You get a little bit more of a break on this one because it may not be entirely your fault. Maybe it’s genetics. In that case blame your mom and dad. If you even know who they are because this is YA and orphans are the new heirs (literally, see the next point).
As read in: Divergent, Red Queen, Shatter Me

3.) You’re the long-lost heir to the kingdom

Things are about to get complicated y’all. How sure are you that your mom and dad are really your mom and dad? Did they give you some B.S. excuse for why you look different from everyone else in the family? Or maybe you’re an orphan who never knew your parents. If any of these things apply to you, watch out. Chances are you’re the rightful heir to the thrown which means people are going to want you dead and your list of responsibilities just got ridiculously long. And have fun overthrowing the current tyrant who’s most likely your power-high daddy. Family reunions. Woo…
As read in The Orphan Queen

4.) You’re the only one who has any interest figuring out what’s outside the walls

Just replace cat with the term overly ambition youth and you get “curiosity killed the over ambitious youth.” Seriously, just go with the flow. Chances are it’s probably just zombies, or monsters, or a radioactive wasteland on the other side of that fence anyway. There’s a reason the saying isn’t “a lack of curiosity killed the cat.”
As read in: Taken, Delirium, The Maze Runner, Uglies

5.) You accidentally came up with the physical representation of the rebellion

Don’t be Katniss and think you’re being clever with your three finger salute. Just don’t. Avoid being in the spotlight at all costs. Say you accidentally spilled your soup and it splattered in this super creative way with the carrots and celery forming and X in the center. And it just so happened that leader of a mistreated lesser faction was standing right next to you. Kid, you just signed yourself up to be the face of that rebellion. So stay away from accidentally being creative.
As read in: The Hunger Games, Ruin and Rising

6.) You do something that’s forbidden

Always follow the rules. Even if they are extremely unjust and basically reject your humans rights. If love is forbidden? Eat garlic all the time so never will ever want to get to know you. If sex is forbidden? Lock a chastity belt on that thing ASAP. If wanting to know the truth about why your society is so corrupt is forbidden? Stop being so dang nosey.
As read in: The Giver, Delirium, Matched, Under the Never Sky

7.) You constantly question authority

You do not sit idly by and let things continue on status quo. No way. Instead, you are the authority’s pain-in-the-ass because you are constantly questions their motives and you are always coming up with ways to make things better. Sure, you come off as a know-it-all and that can be straight up annoying to everyone around you, but let’s face it, your heart is in the right place and you seem to do know what’s best for everyone.
As read in: The 100, Insurgent

And there you go. Seven very clear signs have been laid out for you. What you do with them, well, that’s up to you.


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