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7 Signs You’re Living with a YA Parent



7 Signs You’re Living with a YA Parent

7 Signs You're Living with a YA Parent
Gosh, Mom, how can you only show up on 20 pages and still manage to be so embarrassing? If you find yourself asking this question, there’s a chance your parents are using young adult books as their parenting manuals. Now, don’t panic. It’s up to you if you consider this to be a blessing or a curse.
Either way, living with YA parents can be challenging. But no matter how YA they may be, remember, communication is key. So, talk to your parents if you see any of these signs. In some serious cases, they might be straight out a young adult book.

1. You hardly notice when they’re around.

You go to school. You come home. You don’t see or talk to your mom or dad. Surely, they were involved in your daily routine? Someone had to make you breakfast and pick you up after you stayed late to make up a test. Yet, they fade into the background of your life, much like a house plant.
As read in: almost all YA books.

2. When they finally show up, it’s because you’re in big trouble.

Parents are good at two things: grounding and saving the day. So, “big trouble” can be categorized in two ways. 1. You broke curfew one too many times and are sentenced to no Internet and house arrest, missing that event you’ve been talking about since page 1, er, since last year. 2. You could, in fact, use some parental supervision to solve that cold case murder or stop Earth from being destroyed.
As read in: I Am Number Four

3. You’re being sent to boarding school.

We don’t have the stats for the number of kids that attend boarding school IRL, but we have a feeling it’s exponentially higher in YA books. So, before you pack your bags and move into your new dorm room at ballet school/art school/a prestigious New England prep-school, consider discussing this decision with your parents.
As read in: Tiny Pretty Things, Winger, Extraordinary Means, Isla and the Happily Ever After, The Name of the Star

4. You find out they’ve been keeping a secret about their past.

It might be difficult to accept, but your parents had a complex, full life before you were born. Perhaps they don’t talk about what things were like before you showed up. And when they do, they’re awfully vague. Until, one day, they drop a truth bomb and tell you they were a member of [insert dystopian rebellion here].
As read in: The Selection, Divergent, Legacy of Kings, Delirium, Snow Like Ashes

5. You’re starting to think they trust you a little too much.

Not that you’re complaining. But isn’t it your parents’ job to be suspicious when you say, you’re “studying at the library” every Friday night? Or having a sleepover with the kid you haven’t mentioned in over three-years? Note: We totally approve of spending Friday nights in the library.
As read in: Liars Inc.

6. They speak in riddles.

Parents are full of wisdom, and you’re totally on board for listening to their advice. Though you find it hard to follow their cryptic letters and lyrical metaphors. You often find yourself wishing they’d over-explain things, plain and simple. Because Follow the light of the next half-moon doesn’t tell you how to select a college.
As read in: I’ll Give You the Sun

7. You’re the main breadwinner.

You’re an excellent scavenger, and good thing, because neither of your parents have jobs. Everyone relies on you. Like your younger sibling, who you’ve sworn to protect and provide for. You will stop at nothing to give them a better childhood than you had. Because you are sixteen and wiser than any middle-aged person in your home. And your parents are totes cool with placing that burden on you.
As read in: Red Queen

At the end of the day, your parents are your parents. Go home and hug them. Then, share your parents’ YA behavior in the comments below.

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