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A Goodbye Letter from Demitria Lunetta to Her Characters



A Goodbye Letter from Demitria Lunetta to Her Characters

The end is here for the IN THE AFTER duology and to help us bid adieu to this action-packed zombie/alien story, it’s time for Demitria Lunetta to say goodbye to her characters!
When I first imagined life in the After, it was almost four years ago. I didn’t realize how much a part of me that world would become. I love that there is so much darkness in these books, but that there is also hope and good. It’s the same with the characters, each one has their dark side, lurking in the shadows, and each has their bright side. I will miss each and every character (yes, even the “bad” ones) and each and every Florae that filled my book, and my life, with a tense exhilaration.
Most of all, I will miss Amy.
Dear Amy,
You are strong, smart, and loyal, all of the characteristics that I find most important in a heroine. I love how you are a survivor, and more adaptable than I could ever hope to be. You put others before yourself, but now, don’t be afraid to take care of yourself first. You were thrown into a world of my creation in which things went from bad to worse. Now I wish that you will find that it doesn’t have to be one hurdle after another, that the hope you dared to feel for the briefest moment will flourish into contentment. I want you to find peace and love, but I also hope that you don’t lose your edge, because that is what makes you, you. I will miss you Amy, but I know that I can visit with you anytime on the pages of my books. Here, you will always be strong, smart, loyal, and let’s face it, more than a little kick-ass. That is why I know you will be okay.

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