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A Guide to Red Queen’s Kingdom of Norta



A Guide to Red Queen’s Kingdom of Norta

A Guide to Red Queen's Kingdom of Norta
Here is everything you need to know about the Kingdom of Norta – the dystopian/fantasy world as read in RED QUEEN by Victoria Aveyard!
The Kingdom of Norta and its’ surrounding lands are not only divided by war-torn borders, its people are also divided—by their blood. Those with common Red blood are forced to serve the Silver-blooded elite, who are gifted with superhuman abilities.
If you’ve read Red Queen, you know that Mare Barrow kind of messes with this blood-based system . . . and things start to get a little complicated. Lucky for us, as she attempts to break down this division amongst the people of Norta, we get to see a great deal of the Kingdom of Norta through her eyes; allowing us to bring you this lovely (and accurate) map of the land!
Click on the map below to view it at a larger size!
The map of the Kingdom of Norta in Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard - presented by Epic Reads
© Victoria Aveyard
A video from Victoria will be posted to our YouTube channel on Wednesday where she explains the map even further! (We’ll update this blog post with the video when it goes live.)

Here are some of the key locations and Mare’s perspectives on The Kingdom of Norta:


Red Reality

The Stilts: The small merchant village where Mare Barrow’s family lives.

“The high, stilt buildings for which the village is named (The Stilts, very original) rise all around us, ten feet above the muddy ground.”

The Capital River: The river that flows north-south through Norta with villages, mill towns, and forests on the banks.

“The Stilts is on the Capital River, and the river goes to the sea.”

Gray Town: A highly polluted town full of slums and factories south of The Stilts on the Capital River.

“I thought my world was wrong, that my life was unfair. But I could never even dream of a place like Gray Town.”


Royal Residencies

Archeon: The capital city of Norta, main residence of the royal family and the Norta government.

“Stars wait for us beyond another forest of barrier trees, and beneath them: Archeon. At first I don’t see the capital at all, mistaking its lights for blazing stars. As we sail closer and closer, my jaw drops.”

Summerton: The small city north of The Stilts where the royal family lives during the summer.

“There are bustling streets, shops, cantina bars, houses, and courtyards, all of them pointed toward a shimmering monstrosity of diamond glass and marble.”


War Wastelands

The Choke: The bombed-out strip of land connecting Norta to the Lakelands, where most of the war is fought.

“Soldiers spend the majority of their time there, ducking in trenches doomed to explode or making daring pushes that end in a massacre.”

Naercey: City south of the Capital River destroyed by war. Known as “The City of Ruins.”

“The streets, wide black rivers of asphalt, are cracked and sprouting gray weeds a hundred years old. Trees and bushes grow over concrete, reclaiming little pockets and corners, but even more have been cleared away.”

The Wash: Bombed out land south of the Capital River Valley.

“From Harbor Bay west to the Lakelands, the northern tundra to the radiated wastes of the Ruins and the Wash, it’s all dangerous land for us.”


Surrounding Lands

The Lakelands: The country to the north of Norta, at war with Norta over resources and land.

 “The Lakelands, they’re like us, a monarchy, nobles, a Silver elite to rule the rest.”

Piedmont: The country to the south of Norta, allies of Norta.

“Norta, the Lakelands, Piedmont, the Prairie, Tiraxes, Montfort, Ciron, and all the disputed lands in between. Other countries, other peoples, all torn along the lines of blood just like us. If we change, will they? Or will they try to destroy us too?”

Update: Watch Victoria Aveyard explain the Kingdom of Norta!

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