Could You Ace a Class of YA 101?


Could You Ace a Class of YA 101?

Could You Ace a Class of YA 101?

Guys, it’s somehow freaking August already and that means the end of summer is almost upon us. Please don’t hate us for acknowledging that. Because it, like Thanos, is inevitable.

But we wanted to help make the back to school season a little better, and that meant teaming up with Barnes & Noble to craft our own YA 101 section! Imagine how much better classes would be if they revolved around book genres instead of just plain subjects? History is cool and obviously important and interesting, but who wouldn’t rather curl up with a good historical fiction novel? And until AR has upped its game, we’re sorry, but we’re sticking to Emika Chen’s computer science adventures. You can find books inspired by the school day at your local Barnes & Noble, but—pop quiz! You can also find out if you’d pass YA 101 yourself below.

Scroll down, eyes on your own screen, and good luck!


Could You Pass YA 101?




Well, did you ace it?! Let us know in the comments!

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