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Alternative Endings to Your Favorite Fairy Tales



Alternative Endings to Your Favorite Fairy Tales

Kingfom of Ashes by Rhiannon ThomasAnd so they all lived happily ever after . . . OR DID THEY????????? Have you ever thought that it’s a little too convenient that fairy tales always end at the perfect moment? The princess kisses the prince, they get married…but, helloooo they’re practically strangers there’s no way this ends well! Good thing Rhiannon Thomas, author of KINGDOM OF ASHES, the sequel to her Sleeping Beauty reimagining A WICKED THING, is here to set the record straight. In her spellbinding series, Rhiannon shows us what really happens after Princess Aurora wakes up to a kiss from some rando dude, so we’ve asked her to once again go beyond the happily ever after and reveal what truly happens in some of our favorite fairy tales!

Hansel and Gretel

Hansel and Gretel
Gretel couldn’t settle back in her home with her father. Sure, her stepmother had encouraged her father to abandon them, but he’d still been happy to ditch them in the forest. Twice. At least the witch had fed them candy before condemning them to death.
They ended up running back to the witch’s house in the woods. No-one was living there now, and who wouldn’t want a lifetime supply of gingerbread?
It still smelled of cooked witch sometimes, but you couldn’t have everything. And at least it kept the other scavengers away.


It turned out, the prince hated mice.
This time, when Cinderella left, she remembered to take both shoes with her.

The Princess and the Frog

Princess and the Frog GIF
The princess didn’t like to admit it, but she’d actually preferred the prince as a frog. The human version… well, he laughed really loudly at the most inappropriate times, and he chewed food with his mouth open.
Really, she’d never wanted him to turn into a prince at all. She’d just wanted a pet. She ditched him after an unfortunate nose-picking incident and got a cat instead. She never kissed it, just in case.

Little Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood gif
Red’s mother bought her some glasses. It couldn’t be normal, mistaking a wolf for your grandmother.

Snow White

Snow White gif
After making her stepmother dance herself to death in red hot shoes at her wedding, Snow White realized that she actually quite liked power. It was nice, having people fear her instead of pushing her about. And running around screaming was so exhausting.
It wouldn’t be accurate to say she was a beloved queen, but no one ever said a word against her. Not when her birds were always watching.

The Princess and the Pea

The delicate princess married the prince, but she was kind of pissed about that sleepless night with a pea digging into her back. She still had the bruises.
So she started putting things in his bed at night. Marbles. Spiders. Tiny toy soldiers with tiny toy swords. He never noticed. Guess he wasn’t worthy after all.


Everything was fine for the miller’s daughter until the kingdom fell into debt, and her father-in-law remembered that whole “spin straw into gold” trick. The threat of execution had worked as a strong motivator last time, so he figured he’d try the same thing again.
“I’ll give you anything if you’ll help me!” she said to the next sorcerer who passed by.
“Anything?” the sorcerer replied. “You really haven’t learned, have you?”

Have an alternate ending for your favorite fairy tale? Tell us in the comments below! And check out the magical and sweeping fantasy KINGDOM OF ASHES by Rhiannon Thomas!
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