An Open Letter to Unearthly Newbies



An Open Letter to Unearthly Newbies

This post comes from our “official” End is Here Newbie: brokeandbookish
Hey…you there. Yeah, you. The one who hasn’t read Unearthly. Maybe your TBR list is too long and you just haven’t gotten to it. I get it. Maybe paranormal generally isn’t your thing. Or maybe it’s the angels? Or Team Tucker/ Team Christian gang signs being thrown up at every mention of this series?. But I’m telling you, my friends, that you should bump this series up Mount TBR! I know you are probably giving me one of these right now…

But hear me out. Pretty please with cherries on top?
Confession: I was pretty much like you. I swear. I’m picky about my paranormal reads and ANGELS. REALLY? Love triangles? *backs away* (Though I do love a well done love triangle!). Through the pestering (read: bullying) from friends, I finally caved and OH EM GEE…I freaking love this series. Hardcore!
Here are my very compelling reason why YOU should give the Unearthly series a chance.


These aren’t yo grandma’s angels:

We aren’t talking Touched By An Angel here. These are Angels 2.0. They are seemingly every day people you’d encounter who are trying to figure out their purpose on earth through visions they must put together. They aren’t perfect and sometimes they mess up. They are pretty badass, sassy and just altogether awesome. I mean, they can fly. Also, just because Clara is an angel doesn’t mean there isn’t kissing. FREE WILL TO DO ALL OF THE KISSING!

Clara isn’t some “SAVE ME! I’m so helpless character”:

I initially just adored the fact that in this series it was the FEMALE who was the supernatural being. So often it’s the girl lusting after some supernatural being and so it was refreshing to have Clara — this strong female who is the angel. She isn’t melodramatic and all “LIFE WILL BE OVER IF WE AREN’T TOGETHER”. She’s got a good head on her shoulders and she is realistic and you can really relate to her. Watching her grow throughout the series is such a huge part of why I love this series.

Swoonworthy fictional boys:  

Both boys are really great catches. You’ve got a hot cowboy (seriously, why aren’t there more cowboys in YA lit?? Let’s make this a thing) and the really sweet homecoming king who happens to be amazing on the slopes. They’ve both got personality to boot. None of them or stalkers or cardboard characters. And there is no sort of insta-OMG I LOVE YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE SO HOT kind of junk here. You really get to know them.

I’ve never been more confused over which fictional boy to lust over:

BEST LOVE TRIANGLE EVER. EVER. Seriously, I feel just as confused as Clara. I’m not a fan of superfluous love triangles where it’s so brutally obvious WHO the main character is going to choose and that LITERALLY becomes all the story is about. Fear not, friends. Cynthia Hand has put a Worthy Love Triangle on a silver platter for you all. Both guys make sense and I honestly FEAR Boundless because I have no idea who is going to be the one she chooses. Both great catches and I AM SO CONFUSED. And the beautiful thing IS that there is more to this story than just a love triangle. TRUST ME.

The setting is to die for:

Jackson Hole, Wyoming is one of those places I’ve always wanted to visit ever since I had a friend in college who was from there and she’d show me these amaaaazing pictures.  Cynthia Hand’s beautiful descriptions of the mountains, the snow, the canyons and just the general landscape are the perfect backdrop. I loved scenes that had Clara and company skiing or swimming in a river.

Because it’s a kissing book:

If you like books with kissing…you won’t be disappointed! I’m just going to say BARN SCENE. That is all!

There are amazing twists & turns:

Cynthia Hand just pulls you in and then brings you on this amazing journey of Clara trying to figure out her purpose and she pulls out some SHOCKERS at the right moment AND SO MANY FEELS. Seriously didn’t see a few things coming and I am the Queen of Guessing Things. It’s just all so perfectly revealed and just really solid storytelling. Never at any point was I bored or think “ok, get on with it already.”

A+ character development:

Cynthia Hand writes characters you just kind of forget aren’t real because she develops them in this very natural way and you feel like you are getting to know them all so well but there is still so much there is to learn about them.


You know how sometimes parents just aren’t in the picture mysteriously in some stories? NOT A PROBLEM HERE. Such a beautiful and complicated relationship that Clara and her mother have and it was so well done. They were close but there was that realistic tension between mother and daughter — there were things Clara didn’t want to tell her. I loved that her mother was so attune to her daughter’s life and, even though Clara is an angel, she still isn’t allowed to sneak out of her bedroom at night.

Humorous awareness about paranormal tropes:

I saw this especially in Hallowed but Clara is hyper aware of the normal paranormal tropes and pokes fun at them. It made me giggle quite a few times!
And my last reason, and probably most important reason,….BECAUSE SNARKLES SAYS SO!!!
Moral of the story: All you other angel books can step aside. Unearthly is TOP SHELF.

And now I’m going to go read Boundless. I don’t want this series to end.


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