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YA Authors We Desperately Need Another Book From


YA Authors We Desperately Need Another Book From


We all know the feeling of finding a new favorite author. First, it starts with one book and then another and repeat until …wait a second, what do you mean I’ve already read all their books??? And HOW LONG do I have to wait until the next? Forever??? Or at least it feels like forever. Here are the authors we desperately need another book from.
We’ll just be here … waiting …

Markus Zusak

Oh, Markus Zusak. There hasn’t been a new book from him since The Book Thief ten years ago (did we cry picking our favorite quotes from it? Most definitely.). We’re feeling some Frank Ocean vibes as we try to wait so, so patiently for Bridge of Clay. Because we know it will be worth it.


Melina Marchetta

She has a new book on the adult side this year called Tell the Truth, Shame the Devil but her young adult will always have a special place in our hearts. She’s nailed both the contemporary (Jellicoe Road is a perennial favorite) and fantasy (The Lumatere Chronicles are masterpieces) genres so we’re sure her adult book will nail it, too. We’d love to see her return to the young adult side.


Becky Albertalli

She’s captured our hearts with Simon and Blue in Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda so now we cannot wait for more! She’s writing a companion novel called The Upside of Unrequited!! We’re dying to delve deeper into Becky Albertalli’s totally relatable and adorable writing.


Stephanie Perkins

Her next book is suppose to be a horror novell! It’ll definitely be a change from her totally freaking cute contemporary books. She said it will be “sexy” AND “scary” so we can’t wait for her to make us swoon and sleep with the lights on. Here’s all the info she’s revealed so far about it!


Veronica Roth

We’re going to let out a breath we didn’t realize we were holding when we finally get our grabby hands on Carve the Mark. It’s a new Veronica Roth book in another galaxy and omg we super cannot wait. 2017, WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SO FAR AWAY??!?!?!

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Stephen Chboksy

“And in that moment, I swear we were infinite.” – how we feel the wait is for another Stephen Chboksy book.

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Jasmine Warga

She broke our hearts with My Heart and Other Black Holes, a thoughtful and beautiful book on the struggles of depression. We love Jasmine Warga’s writing so much and we know any book from her will tug the heartstrings.


Laini Taylor

The Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy made us revel in how exquisite and bloody Laini Taylor’s writing is so we cannot wait for more from her! Strange the Dreamer sounds incredible and we want it now.


Megan Whalen Turner

MORE OF THE QUEEN’S THIEF SERIES, PLEASE. This series has been going on for TWENTY YEARS. The last book in this series was published in 2010. 6 YEARS IS TOO LONG TO WAIT FOR ANOTHER BOOK, MEGAN. GIVE US ANOTHER BOOK PLEASE.

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Kristin Cashore

The Graceling Realm series is one of the best fantasy series around and we’re hoping since Kristin Cashore isn’t on social media, she’s secretly writing more books for us to devour.


Leslye Walton

We fell in deep in love with the lyrical and gorgeous prose in The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender. It was her debut, too, so we are dying for more. Gah, just thinking of the book gives us shivers because it was so magical. Please don’t make us wait too long for another book!

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Benjamin Alire Sáenz

He announced he’s writing a sequel to Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, one of those books that won ALL THE AWARDS because it’s that good and wonderful, but there isn’t a release date yet!!! How long will we have to wait?? Until then, we’ll just have to settle for his next book, The Inexplicable Logic of My Life which goes on sale March 7, 2017.


Shirley Marr

Shirley Marr is a very cute Australian author who writes books with a contemporary feel and edge. Her first book, Fury, was about mean girls and murder. Her second, Preloved, was about ghosts and the 80s. What will the third one yield?

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John Green

We’re sure there’s no pressure following up his little known work, The Fault In Our Stars. No pressure. None at all. Nope.


Jandy Nelson

What is there to say about Jandy Nelson? There should be more, more Jandy Nelson books in the world because her prose makes it brighter. We know anything she writes will make us float on and desperately in love for days.


What’s so great is that there are so many books in the world to tide us over until the next book from these authors. Whew! What authors do you desperately need another book from?

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