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Channel the (Rock) Gods with This ‘Last Things’ Band Name Generator


Channel the (Rock) Gods with This ‘Last Things’ Band Name Generator

Channel the (Rock) Gods with This 'Last Things' Band Name Generator

Serious question—which would be harder: naming a book, or naming a band? Don’t worry. Today, you don’t have to decide, because in honor of Jacqueline West’s creepy new thriller, Last Things, we are bestowing a band name upon you.

Last Things follows Anders Thorson, frontman of a local rock band (also named Last Things) who is a musical genius and seems destined for stardom. There are only two problems:

  1. Anders’ talent may be the result of an actual deal with the devil
  2. Anders may have a creepy stalker who’s ready to do whatever it takes to get closer to him.

And as mysterious and dangerous events start to seem less and less coincidental, Anders will have to figure out whether the superfan who always seems to be watching is a threat, or the only thing keeping him safe from an evil force lurking in the dark. If you want to solve the mystery for yourself, you can start reading Last Things now. But if you just want to find a band name, well, you can scroll right down for that.


Band Name Generator


Channel the (Rock) Gods with This 'Last Things' Band Name Generator


About Last Things

Fans of Holly Black and Victoria Schwab will be mesmerized by this gorgeous, magnetic novel.

High school senior Anders Thorson is unusually gifted. His band, Last Things, is legendary in their northern Minnesota hometown. With guitar skills that would amaze even if he weren’t only eighteen, Anders is the focus of head-turning admiration. And Thea Malcom, a newcomer to the insular town, is one of his admirers. Thea seems to turn up everywhere Anders goes: gigs at the local coffeehouse, guitar lessons, even in the woods near Anders’s home.

When strange things start happening to Anders, blame immediately falls on Thea. But is she trying to hurt him? Or save him? Can he trust a girl who doesn’t seem to know the difference between dreams and reality? And how much are they both willing to sacrifice to get what they want?

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