Which Simonverse Character Should Be Your Bae?



Which Simonverse Character Should Be Your Bae?

Book baes are better than real baes—fact. Becky Albertalli writes majorly swoonworthy romances—also fact. So there’s no bad time to combine the two! Whether you fell in love with SIMON VS., or only discovered Becky with the release of UPSIDE, we have no doubt that one of her characters deserves a special place in your heart. And with LOVE, SIMON and LEAH ON THE OFFBEAT still to come, there’s a lot more love to go around in this whole wide Simonverse!
And wow, does she write some super crushable characters. So, regardless of your relationship status, celebrate love with us and take our quiz below! Find out who you’d be spending your time with if Becky Albertalli was writing your life.

Which Character in the Becky Albertalli Simonverse Should Be Your Bae?


Well? Which character is your bae? Let us know in the comments!
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