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The 6 Best Book Apps for Reading, Discovering, and Borrowing New Books


The 6 Best Book Apps for Reading, Discovering, and Borrowing New Books

The 6 Best Book Apps for Reading, Discovering & Borrowing New Books

It’s practically a book nerd’s duty to discover new ways to read books at any time. How else would we know the best ways to read on a rainy day, a crowded train, or while de-stressing during a chaotic week? Luckily for us, there are some great apps available to make reading, keeping track of your TBRs, and listening to audiobooks easier than ever! Plus, some that are just plain fun.

So, without further ado, here are six of the best book apps for your reading experience!


The 6 Best Book Apps



1. Goodreads

The 6 Best Book Apps for Reading, Discovering & Borrowing New BooksWe know you already know about Goodreads, but it’s worth repeating because the app makes using it even easier! You can scan book covers to instantly read reviews and save it to your shelf, get personalized recommendations, browse featured books and genres, see what your friends are reading, and buy and borrow books directly through their links!

Plus, you can search, rate, and review every book in the entire Goodreads catalogue. It makes it even easier to keep track of all the books you want to read and have read, you can add status updates for the books you’re currently reading, and you can take part in their annual reading challenge! If you’re already doing that, see how successful you’ll really be. We also love that through the Goodreads app you can talk all things books through messages, reviews, groups, and recommendations!


2. Bookmojis

The 6 Best Book Apps for Reading, Discovering & Borrowing New BooksWe may be biased, but we’re obsessed with using Bookmojis when we’re talking to literally anyone about literally anything. You can *book shimmy* away with this keyboard that has general book nerd fun, new emojis added monthly, and special theme packs for our fave fandoms! We’re guilty of using Evangeline’s hair flip way too much.

This keyboard app includes a selection of custom YA emojis, GIFs, & stickers personally curated and created by us to celebrate book nerds and make chatting fandom fun!


3. Libby

The 6 Best Book Apps for Reading, Discovering & Borrowing New BooksMeet Libby. Did you know your local library has thousands of ebooks and audiobooks? You can borrow them, instantly, for free, using just the device in your hand and this app! All you need is your library card and to know your local library. See?! Piece of cake.

Using the Libby app, you can find and borrow a book with just a few taps. It has a built-in ebook reader and its own audiobook player! Plus, if you prefer, you can send books directly to your Kindle for reading. The Libby app allows you to sign in to multiple libraries with one or more library cards, stay signed in for as long as you like, download books for offline reading or stream them to save space, sample any book, read zoomable graphic novels and picture books, and consolidate all of your holds and loans on one convenient shelf! You can tag titles with ratings, sync loans and bookmarks, and keep track of your entire reading history. The possibilities are endless, and this app brings everything we love about libraries on the go.


4. Litsy

The 6 Best Book Apps for Reading, Discovering & Borrowing New BooksWhat’s the only thing almost as good as reading? Sharing all your fave things about all your fave books with friends! Litsy lets you share and discover your favorite books as readers, and it’s great because you know the recommendations are coming from real people you follow and respect.

The community is full of passionate readers, authors, and influencers who create short posts about all of their reading moments. It’s almost as if you combined Instagram and Goodreads into one social experience.

Since enjoying a book has no end, Litsy is totally mobile and allows you to capture whatever bookish thoughts you have, whenever you have them. It also makes it easy to fall into a rabbit hole of book nerdy fun, browsing your feed wherever you are. When you find a book that catches your interest, add it to your stack! Litsy also features a “Litfluence” scoring program, which is a fun and validating way to show you that they know what you’re saying matters. It’s all fun, simple, rewarding, and super easy to use!


5. Serial Box

The 6 Best Book Apps for Reading, Discovering & Borrowing New BooksHave you ever wished that reading a series could be more like watching your favorite shows? Well, Serial Box is a brand new medium for series drama and storytelling, bringing everything you love about TV to reading.

The stories here unfold in episodes, week after week. They’re easy to pick up, episodes are available in audio and text, and, yes, are enjoyable on their own, but also build up over the course of the season to tell a greater story.

The team at Serial Box believes that reading should be as convenient, quick, and captivating as the best TV shows. Like your favorite shows, these serials are organized into seasons of 10-16 episodes that each take about 40 minutes to listen to or read. There’s a new season every year, and a new episode every week. They’re fast-paced and full of character, because this app is aiming to bring you the highest quality fiction in a brand new exciting and engaging form.


6. OverDrive

The 6 Best Book Apps for Reading, Discovering & Borrowing New BooksThough Libby is an app created by OverDrive, this one is the straightforward, no frills experience that some readers prefer in their quest for ebooks, audiobooks, and streaming video! You can find all of the above through your library using the OverDrive app on any device, and more than 30,000 libraries worldwide offer titles through it!

Available 24/7, OverDrive lets the library come to you. There are no more late fees because titles are automatically returned, and you can place holds, create wish lists, and get notified when books you’ve requested are available! You can sync libraries, bookmarks, highlights, and recent reading positions across devices, and all you need is a valid account with a participating school, library, or other institution. Each library builds its own collection of titles, so adding something is as easy as contacting them through the app with a tap and letting them know you’re interested!


Are there any other apps that you use? Let us know in the comments down below!

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